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If you don't do this already it should save you hours watching the screen as yet another pointless graphic (see logo above) trudges down the phone lines as if through thick mud.

Netscape and Internet Explorer allow you to have several windows open at once. Why not open up 3 or 4 and have different things going on in each? While one is loading a page you can switch to another and be doing something else. If you're only interested in one site, open more than one window on the site and explore it in more than one way at the same time [if you choose command N (ctrl N on a PC) while viewing a page you get another window on the same page - you can then follow different links in the different windows].

Just a blue bar

The following technique demonstrates how to set up overlapping windows. It is mainly for Mac users (but I still find it easier to do this on a PC than use the taskbar):


1. Choose "New Browser" (or "New Window" or equivalent) from the File menu. Better still Command N (ctrl N on PC).

2. Move each window to the top left of the screen. Drag the bottom right corner of each window to arrange them like the 3 windows in the example below.

          You can then see how each window is progressing


3. To change to a different window just click a part of it - the other windows are still accessible:



Although Netscape say more windows mean slower performance, I haven't noticed a lot of difference between having 1 window or 4 open at one time. However the difference in productivity and relief of stress is immeasurable.

"If you can wait and not be tired by waiting..."

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