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DURING their school days many people by their early teens have left behind any visual education. Yet, in everday life, most people know what they like and don't like on page or screen – but when using software, they struggle to create the 'look' they want for their information. Usually, to create our own effective look we need to be able to do three things,

- access and articulate graphic principles and tips
- practise using them in projects
- develop a visual attitude when creating text,

so that 'home-made' layouts can be made not only to inform but also look good and communicate effectively.

Resources for learning and practising the basic principles of layout and design are plentiful and fun to look up. Below are a few samples to try out…

www.wpdfd.com/wpdhome.htm  www.informationdesign.org
www.lynda.com  www.webpagesthatsuck.com
graphic One Minute Designer
Roger Parker  ISBN 1-56529-216-2
  Real World Scanning & Halftones
Roth & Blatner  ISBN 1-56609-093-8
  Editing by Design
Jan White  ISBN 0-8352-1508-3
  The Non-Designers Design Book
R.Williams  ISBN 1-56609-159-4
  Visual Language
Robert Horn  ISBN 1-892637-09-X
    Dynamics in Document Design
K. Schriver  ISBN 0-471-30636-3

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