hose that live in the Shetland and Orkney islands who know no better, are persuaded that the seals, or silkies, as they call them, can doss their coverings at times, and disport themselves as men and women.

 fisher once turning a ridge of rock discovered a beautiful bit of green turf adjoining the shingle sheltered by rocks on the landward side, and over this turf and shingle two beautiful women chasing each other. Just at the man's feet lay two sealskins, one of which he took up to examine it.

he women, catching sight of him, screamed out, and ran to get possession of the skins. One seized the article on the ground, donned it in a thrice, and plunged into the sea; the other wrung her hands, cried, and begged the fisher to restore her property; but he wanted a wife, and would not throw away the chance.

e wooed her so earnestly and lovingly, that she put on some women's clothing which he brought her from his cottage, followed him home, and became his wife.