young farmer, named Connor, once missed two fine cows from his herd, and no tale or tidings could be heard of them anywhere. So he thought he would set out on a search throughout the country; and he took a stout blackthorn stick in his hand, and went his way All day he travelled miles and miles, but never a sign of the cattle. And the evening began to grow very dark and he was wearied and hungry, and no place near to rest in; for he was in the midst of a bleak and desolate heath, with never a habitation at all in sight except a long, low, rude shelling, like the den of a robber or a wild beast. But a gleam of light came from a chink between the boards, and Connor took heart and went up and knocked at the door. It was opened at once by a tall thin grey-haired old man, with keen dark eyes.

ome in,” he said, “you are welcome. We have been waiting for you. This is my wife,” and he brought him over to the hearth, where was seated an old thin, grey woman, with long sharp teeth and terrible glittering eyes.

ou are welcome,” she said. “We have been waiting for you—it is time for supper. Sit down and eat with us.”