ll images are available for sale as both silver prints and permanent ink-jet prints, (sometimes known as giclée prints).

ilver prints are usually made to 11.5 x 11.5 inches in size, but can be made larger or smaller as required. Most prints are made on Forte Polywarmtone fibre-based, glossy paper but other materials are sometimes used, including Oriental Seagull, Agfa Multicontrast and Ilford Multigrade, depending on the result required. All prints are processed to archival standards using Ilford chemistry and Selenium toned for tonal warming and permanence.

nk-jet prints are made using the latest, permanent inks, (guaranteed over 100 years light-fast), on cotton-based cartridge paper. Prints can be made up to 33 x 33 inches in size.

rices for both types of print are available on request. Prints are also available for advertising and other commercial purposes; prices by negotiation. Copies of “At the Edge of the World” are available from John Lowings for £18.00 plus postage.