About the Jersey Branch
The Jersey Branch was founded in 1989 and one of its strengths has been the fact that the principal officers have remained in office throughout. We are delighted to welcome our new President - Dr Mike Richardson - who was elected in 2006.

Putting the fun into fundraising
Our local branch is always very busy with fundraising activities and operating costs are minimal. Substantial monies have been raised over the years and it is considered that there are probably few, if any, branches in the country who do as much for their members.

In addition to this the Jersey Branch has funded the purchase of several expensive items of equipment for medical research in the U.K.

Meetings and membership
Branch meetings are normally held at Communicare, St Brelade on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. and new members are always welcome. The branch has about 100 members, most of whom are sufferers and there are others who support the branch activities, but are not officially members.

It is known that there are many other sufferers in the Island who have not joined the local branch and this is sometimes because people are self-conscious about their disability and sometimes because they do not perhaps wish to see others in a worse condition than themselves.

Usually however when people first venture to a branch meeting they find that there is nothing to worry about and that they can readily socialise with others who understand their condition and they can join in with activities which might not otherwise be easily available to them.

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