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APRIL 2007

Last Meetings
Last month our afternoon and evening meetings were games orientated. We played Scrabble and had a Beetledrive.
These are always fun and relaxing times together with other sufferers and carers with plenty opportunity to chat over a cup of tea, and everyone gets a prize for taking part.
The following monies have been raised over the last month:-
16.3.07 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
58 supporters raised £168.00
24 + 25.3.07 Card stall/Living Legend
Card sales totalled 142.50
Donations £13.79
Thank you to everyone who helped man the stall especially on the Saturday.
27.3.07 Raffle/Communicare
Tickets sold totalled £28.00
30.3.07 Easter Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
71 supporters raised £160.00
Card sales for March 2007 totalled £33.70
Donations via collecting boxes for March 2007 totalled £182.47
C. I. conference/24th march 2007
"Parkinson's - Moving Forward" was an overwhelming success and a big thank you and well done go to our Area Officer, Jayne Dunn, and our Neurocare team for all their input in organising such an event. We hope that the talks and workshops were informative and of great value to you all. We have had a very positive feedback and are very delighted to welcome many new members to the Branch. We would encourage anyone who took a leaflet and membership application form to join the Branch. You will receive a monthly newsletter and be able to find out about the support we can offer you as well as meetings, social events, exercise classes and medical equipment we fund. If you have any queries or not quite sure what to do, please contact our Liaison Officer, Marian Pitt on 721927. A phone call can make a difference to your life, and always remember you are not alone. We would point out that you do not have to come to any of the meetings or social activities if you do not wish to.
Choc-a-holics easter show
Sue Thornburn, Manager of Lakeside Care Home, recently organised a Pampered Chef demonstration in aid of our society. Several of us went along to sample the cakes etc., as well as purchase kitchen products on offer.
A raffle was organised, an Easter cake made by the chef was auctioned, and items and Easter goodies made by the residents were on sale. Approximately £100 was raised for Branch funds.
Collecting Boxes
Our thanks go to Merle Roosen and Ken Le Quesne for each placing a box last month. I cannot emphasize enough that the money we raise via our collecting boxes is money that we do not have to work for and that the more boxes that are out there raises the public's awareness of the illness and the need to raise money to fund all the outings and aids for the home that we provide. Please ask your family if they can think of a suitable outlet for one of our boxes. Eileen can be contacted on 737128. She'd love to hear from you.
Diary Dates
Fri 20th April 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/ Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Fri 4th May 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/ Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Electric reclining armchair
The Branch has an electric recliner available for a member to use. There is no charge and you would be able to loan it for as long as necessary. Please phone Eileen Smith on 737128 if you would like to look at it and try it out before deciding
No not the potato variety but the army hospital series on television.
We have for sale a collectors set of eleven videos of this popular T.V. programme. No reasonable offer will be refused. Contact Eileen Smith on 737128 if interested.
important news from neurocare
Recent media coverage has highlighted the problems with a certain group of drugs used to treat Parkinson's Disease - Dopamine Argonists. It is reported that there can be an increase in gambling habits and/or compulsive behaviour. The drugs are Ropinerole, Pramipexole, Pergolide, Cabaser and Apomorphine. Don't panic, it is extremely rare. This is a rare side effect and is not scientifically proven. If you think that this may be an issue with anyone you know, or if you recognise this as a personal issue but do not wish anyone else to know then please contact Suki Douglas or Sarah Kean at the Neurocare service on 623077. If we don't know about issues, we cannot help
Social Get-Togethers
Marguerite Davey is organising a Beetledrive and Beancrock supper on Monday 30th April 2007 at Freshwinds, St. Mary at 6.30 p.m. Tickets are £4 towards Branch running expenses and everyone is very welcome to come along. Please contact Marguerite on 482357 to book, no later than Friday 27th April thank you.
Jack Schofield is organising Ten Pin bowling and lunch on Tuesday 8th May 2007 at 12 noon at Jersey Bowl, St. Peter. We will have lunch there also at 1.30 p.m. This is a free outing for sufferers and carers. Paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please phone Jack on 738328 by Saturday 5th May if you would like to come along.
New members are very welcome to come and watch and join us for lunch if they wish.
Certificate of merit
Our chairlady Eileen Smith, was nominated last December by the committee to receive the above award, in recognition of all her hard work over the years in raising funds and raising awareness of the disease, as well as the personal commitment she makes to each and everyone of us.
This certificate was presented to Eileen at the conference by the Chief Executive of The Parkinson's Disease Society, Steve Ford, and we congratulate Eileen and say thank you for her continued contribution in helping those suffering from Parkinson's Disease and their carers.
Next meetings
We next meet at Communicare, St. Brelade on Tuesday 24th April, 2007 at 8 p.m. when our speaker will be Karen Huchet, the Director of Family Nursing & Home Care. Karen will be speaking about the role of the district nurse in the community, the service given to look after the sick and elderly in their own homes and the day to day running of Family Nursing. Refreshments and a raffle will follow.
Our next afternoon meeting is on Thursday 10th May 2007, in the Resources Room at Overdale at 2.30 p.m when Eileen will be organising a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" type quiz. You will be able to "Take the Money" at any given time and "Lifelines" will not come into play until we are down to one player left. A raffle and refreshments will follow.
Hope as many of you as possible will come along
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