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Last Meetings
At our last afternoon meeting Eileen hosted a "Countdown" which proved to be quite hilarious as she kept forgetting to push the button for the 30 second clock, thus giving the four teams about 2½ minutes to come up with a word, but like she said "It happens automatically on the telly". Berni Le Brocq's team won as they actually solved one of the conundrums. The numbers round went well, and a few six and seven letter words were found out of the nine letters available. It was quite a change to what we have tried before and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Refreshments followed and included scones, jam and cream made by Ken Le Quesne's own fair hand.
At our evening meeting we were delighted to welcome Suki Douglas and Emily West from Neurocare.
Emily has recently returned from a Parkinson's course in London. There was a lot of information for occupational therapists, like Emily, on the treatment of Parkinson's sufferers. Suki spoke about changes in the Neurocare service and about plans to make PD drugs available from your own GP rather than the hospital pharmacy, also about sufferers having their own notes at home, so that any of the professional agencies can update them on home visits or when attending appointments, specialists can have a broader view of your condition.
Valma Le Feuvre, on behalf of the committee then presented Eileen with a bouquet of flowers and a card on the occasion of her birthday that day and cake and grape juice followed which was supplied by Jack Schofield.
8.7.07 Pitch/St Mary's Country Fayre
Sale of cards amounted to £57.70
20.7.07 Bingo/Devil's Hole
68 supporters raised £252.20
24.7.07 Raffle/Communicare
Members purchased tickets totalling £35.00
Webb Ivory catalogue orders and card sales for July 2007 totalled £93.00
Donations via collecting boxes for July 2007 amounted to £167.39
3.8.07 Bingo/Devil's Hole
70 supporters raised £269.50
6.8.07 Sale of Foreign & Obsolete Coins £23.65
6.8.07 Sale of stamps £17.00
Coins in the fountain
Eileen Palmer is to be thanked and congratulated for putting our name forward at Jersey Airport to be recipients of coins thrown in the fountain. A total of £172.28 wet coins were recently received.
Raffle prizes
Eileen Smith would like to thank all members and supporters who have recently been tidying up at home and donating many goodies as prizes. Everything is suitable for one event or another, be it the raffle at our monthly meetings, quiz or beetledrive prizes, bingo raffles or even the raffle for our forthcoming coffee morning. Well done everybody, your generosity has been overwhelming and Eileen is very grateful for your continuing support.
Coins and stamps
Roger Marriott would like to say thank you to everyone who keeps donating coins and stamps. Nearly everything has a value of some kind and raises money towards branch funds. So please do keep them coming.
Collecting boxes
Three boxes were placed last month and thanks go to Pat Le Herissier and Ken Le Quesne for their efforts on our behalf.
Christmas catalogue
The Webb Ivory Christmas catalogue is now available and most of you should receive one with this newsletter. For every pound you spend the branch receives about 40 pence.
For Neurocare clients, who are not members of the branch, if you would like a catalogue, please contact Eileen Smith by phone on 737128 and she will arrange to have one delivered to you. There is a large selection of cards and gifts and the catalogue is well worth a browse.
 Over and above the call of duty
Coins seemed to be on everybody's mind last month and Eileen was very impressed at the lengths Ken and Marg Le Quesne and Roger Marriott have gone to make sure that the branch does not loose out on the value of defaced and obsolete currency received. This takes dedication to the cause up a notch.
As mentioned before the coins from Jersey Airport were wet, Ken and Marg labouriously dried and bagged them all, only for the bank to refuse to take them because they were stained etc. etc. The girl at the bank advised Ken that if they were soaked in Coca Cola and represented in a cleaner manner the bank would accept them and this is exactly what Ken and Marg did. (All this for £170).
Roger Marriott on the other hand has been saving Irish coins since the branch started and had several bags full. As Roger and Joyce now visit their son in Ireland frequently he has over the months taken a quantity of coins with him. On a recent visit to the bank over there, one afternoon he found the queue to be endless, the next day he arrived at 4.30 p.m. to find they had shut at 4 p.m. and the next day he found a delightful young lady who exchanged all the coins he had, which were pre Euro and even pre decimalisation. (All this for £20.50) Eileen thinks the three of them deserve a "jobsworth" award! and wants to thank them for their commitment to fundraising
Calling all whisters
Mrs Dorothy Bowker, one of our supporters, is organising a whist drive for Parkinson's on Thursday, August 30th at St. Lawrence Parish Hall at 8 p.m.
Diary Dates
Friday 7th Sept 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/ Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Sunday 9th Sept 2007 Jersey Sea Cadets Gun
Carriage Pull on behalf
of Parkinson's.
Friday 21st Sept 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/
Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Gun carriage pull
Sunday September 9th, 2007 is looming. Many thanks to those who have offered to help, promised cakes, or have made or pledged financial donations towards the catering, this is very much appreciated.
Our team, for the Parkinson's leg, has grown, and we are grateful, especially to our sufferers, for you wanting to raise funds by participating and getting individual sponsorship.
Eileen Smith has been busy sending out begging letters to trust companies, solicitors and accountants etc. etc. to sponsor you also.
If anyone else could help on the day please contact Eileen Smith on 737128 (before she volunteers you!)
Photographer wanted
It has been suggested that we send an article to Head Office for inclusion in the "Parkinson" magazine about the Gun Carriage Pull. We are confident that no other branch would organise such a fundraiser. Photos of our team would help to have the article published and it would be wonderful if we could have some in next month's newsletter as well. If you could help, please contact Eileen Smith on 737128.
Extra care service
The Jersey Electricity company has contacted the society regarding 'special needs' clients. Would you like to receive large print bills? Are you experienceing genuine hardship? Can the JEC help in any way? If so, please contact Marian Pitt on 721927 for a form from the JEC.
To catch something or not to catch something, that is the question! Jack Schofield is organising another visit to St. Catherine's Breakwater on Thursday September 6th, 2007. We will meet at the cafe at 11.45 a.m. for lunch, to start fishing at 12.45 p.m. High water is at 2 p.m. Please contact Jack on 738328 if you would like to go along. This is a free outing for members.
Ten pin bowling
Jack Schofield is organising bowls and lunch on Tuesday 18th September at 12 noon with lunch there at 1.30 p.m. This is a free outing for sufferers and carers and paying supporters are welcome to join us. To book, please phone Jack on 738328 by Friday 14th September, 2007.
Next meetings
Communicare is closed in August so we will not be meeting there on the 28th, but you are welcome to come along to the Lasagne and Beetledrive night planned at Piero and Eileen D'Ulivo's. For details contact Eileen D'Ulivo on 747955.
Our next afternoon meeting will take place in the Resources Room at Overdale on Thursday 13th September, 2007, at 2.30 p.m. when Eileen Smith will be organising Scrabble. Everyone is welcome to come along and transport can be arranged.
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