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Last Meeting
As always the January meeting is our A.G.M. The President, Richard Grainger, welcomed everyone including Mary Waters from Head Office, who is the area manager for the South East and Channel Islands. In her Chairlady's report, Eileen Smith thanked everyone for their encouragement and support during her first year in office and thanked everyone who had given of their time behind the scenes to make Jersey Branch the success that it is. Pam Turner, in her treasurer's report, gave a detailed account of the branch's finances. All the officers, committee and auditors were re-elected. After the formalities, members enjoyed a buffet and drinks and Eileen would like to thank everyone who prepared and donated the food. It was a very pleasant and relaxed evening.
The new year has started steadily with the following monies being raised:-
14.1.05 Eclipse Hair Design
Sale of teddy bears £60.00
21.1.05 Bingo/Devils Hole
50 supporters raised £83.30
25.1.05 Raffle/Communicare
Tickets sold totalled £22.00
Card sales for January 2005
amounted to £86.30
Sale of goods for January 2005
totalled £6.50
Monies from collecting boxes for January 2005
totalled £100.00
4.2.05 Bingo/Devils Hole
55 supporters raised £92.15
Collecting Boxes
As ever we are looking for new outlets for our collecting boxes. We have always said it is money which we do not have to work for!! Last year a total of £1,400.00 was collected, so please contact June Tredant on 861744 if you can place a box anywhere. Thanks go to Eileen Palmer and Jack Schofield who have already placed three boxes this month.
We still collect used stamps and would remind you to leave about an inch around the stamp if possible, as the slightest tear/cut renders the stamp's value less and unsaleable. Please contact Roger Marriott on 731145 if you have any for collection or bring them along to the next meeting or contact Eileen on 737128 and she will arrange to collect them when your newsletter is delivered. £325 was raised from stamp sales in 2004. Thank you Roger for your efforts.
Subscriptions 2005
Subscriptions for this year are now due. To those of you who have paid and made donations, thank you. Your receipt is either enclosed or has been given to you already. For those of you who haven't paid, could you please do so as soon as possible as it is costly to send reminders. We cannot emphasize enough what good value for money £5 a year is!!
Webb Ivory Fundraising Catalogue 2005
The Spring/Summer catalogue has been delivered with this news letter. If you wish to order anything please contact Eileen Smith on 737128
 Mervyn Peake Awards 2005
Entry forms are now available. The competition is open to Parkinson’s sufferers for art, photography or poetry. The closing date is 20th May 2005. Phone Eileen Smith on 737128 for details.
Host/Hostess with the Mostest
Parkinson’s Awareness Week this year is from 11th to 17th April and the theme this year is party for Parkinson’s, so can you be a host/hostess? It can be as simple as asking a few friends for coffee or afternoon tea to lunch or dinner and charging them for the privilege to raise funds for the branch. Party packs will soon be available and if you'd like to be a host/hostess please contact Eileen on 737128 who will give you as much help and support as you need. It can be any kind of gathering to suit you.
Diary Dates
Fri 18th February 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Devil's Hole.
Fri 4th March 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Devil's Hole.
Fri 18th March 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Devil's Hole.
Fri 18th March 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Sat 19th March 10.00 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Card stall at Living Legend in conjunction with Jersey Craftworkers Spring Fair.
Help to man the stall is needed. Please phone Eileen on 737128 if you can spare an hour or two.
Social Get-Togethers
Jack Schofield will be organising lunch and bowls on Tuesday 8th March 2005. Lunch will be at St. Peter's Bars at 12 noon and bowling will commence at 2.30 p.m. at Jersey Bowl. This outing will be free to sufferers and carers. Paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please contact Jack on 738328 by Tuesday 1st March if you would like to join us. Transport can be arranged.
Eileen Smith will be organising a supper on Thursday 31st March 2005 at 6.15 p.m. for 6.30 p.m. at L'Auberge Du Nord, St. John. Sufferers and carers will be asked to contribute £2 towards branch running costs. Paying supporters are welcome to come along. Please contact Eileen Smith on 737128 by Saturday 26th March if you wish to join us. Again transport can be arranged.
Next meeting
We next meet at Communicare on Tuesday 22nd February, 2005 at 8 p.m., when our speaker will be Mr. Fred De La Perrelle who was a crew member on the Jersey Clipper 2003. He will be talking about his experiences during the Round the World yacht race and showing slides as well. Tea and coffee will be served afterwards. We will have a raffle as usual, (prizes needed please), and birthday cards and wrapping paper will be on sale. (If you need any family cards please contact Eileen and she will bring them along).
Please do come along, I am sure it will be a very enjoyable evening
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