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Last Meeting
Our first lunch meeting took place last month and members enjoyed good food and pleasant company in the functions room at Devil's Hole. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time afterwards to mingle and chat. A raffle followed organised by Valma Le Feuvre.
We have made a brisk start to fundraising this year with three bingo nights already under our belt, the following monies having been raised:-
2.1.09 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
55 supporters raised £145.00
16.1.09 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
82 supporters raised £324.00
18.1.09 Smartie Appeal
Donation via Lor Le Rossignol £43.00
27.1.09 Raffle/PDS Lunch
Members purchased tickets totalling £41.00
Card sales and Webb Ivory catalogue orders for January 2009 amounted to £145.80
Donations via collecting boxes for January 2009 totalled £69.94
6.2.09 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
69 supporters raised £211.75
Total £980.45
Collecting Boxes
One box was placed last month by Marguerite Davey and we thank her for her efforts.
As it is our 20th anniversary year, wouldn't it be nice if we could find twenty new outlets for our boxes. Let's all make a special effort this year, it is money that we do not have to work for and is free advertising as well.
Elap Car Seats
The branch has three swivel car seats in stock. The seat swivels forward and out making it so much easier for your passenger to get out of the car and make life so much easier with no strain on your back trying to pull your partner out of the car. Details of make of car etc. these seat fit can be obtained from Eileen Smith, phone 737128
Duty Frees
If any of you are travelling to the mainland and not bringing any duty frees back for yourself, Eileen would be delighted if you could bring some litres of spirits back for raffle prizes for her bingo nights, for which she will re-imburse you. Whisky, vodka and Baileys are the most popular but port and sherry is also acceptable.
Sponsored Slim
Committee member and sufferer, Valma Le Feuvre is trying to lose weight and raise money for Jersey Branch at the same time. If you would like to sponsor her she can be contacted by phone on 734044.
Electrician Wanted
A member has an electric seat which lowers into the bath which needs attention. Can anyone help? Please contact Mrs Burke on 482024 if you can. Thank you.
Because it is our 20th anniversary year, the committee has decided to support as much research into Parkinson's Disease as possible. Until the cause is found, the cure cannot follow!
Jersey Branch will be receiving two substantial legacies this year, and the committee proposes to use 75% of this money to fund research projects/programmes in the U.K. We are delighted that Dr Kieran Breen, the Director of Research and Development of the Parkinson's Disease Society U.K. will be visiting us in May to talk about research, the projects/programmes that Jersey Branch has funded, and the part we can play in finding a long awaited cure.

 Subscriptions 2009
Thank you to those members who have already renewed their membership for this year, your receipt is enclosed.
For those of you who haven't could you please forward your cheque to the Treasurer, Mrs Pam Turner as it is costly to send reminders. Many thanks.
Our annual general meeting, which is short and informal, takes place on Tuesday, February 24th 2009 at The Priory, Devil's Hole, St. Mary at 2.30 p.m. Our Area Manager from Head Office, Neil Smart, will be joining us, so a good attendance would be much appreciated by the committee. An agenda and the minutes for 2008's AGM are enclosed. Our President, Dr Mike Richardson will be speaking afterwards on the importance of brain donation and the part we can all play in making a significant contribution in furthering research into Parkinsonism.
Occupational Therapy Survey
The European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) is currently holding a survey on people with Parkinson's Disease's views and experiences of Occupational Therapy (OT) across the EU. They are interested in how easy it is to get OT input, do people know what OT can do for them and what aspects of daily life the OT has addressed with them and how helpful it was. The survey is anonymous and can be completed by the person with Parkinson's Disease or their family or carer. People with access to the internet at home or in the library can complete it online on the (EPDA) website the address for which is below. Alternatively, the survey forms are available from Sandra Hubert Neurocare OT on 444818 and can be posted direct to the EPDA in the UK. the closing date is 16th March 2009.
The questionnaire itself is here and information on the survey here.
Spring Crafts Fayre
Jersey Branch will once again be having a card stall at the above event which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th March 2009, at the Living Legend from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. on both days.
Eileen Smith is making up a rota, and if you can help for a couple of hours on either day she would love to hear from you and can be contacted by phone on 737128.
Diary Dates
Friday Feb 20th 2009 8 p.m. Bingo Night /Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Friday March 6th 2009 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Next meeting
Our next lunch meeting takes place on Tuesday, February 24th 2009 at The Priory, Devil's Hole, St. Mary at 12.30 p.m. for 1 o'clock. Everyone is welcome and transport can be arranged by contacting Ken Le Quesne on 854769 or Eileen Smith on 737128.
The lunch will be followed by our AGM at 2.30 p.m., which will be followed by Dr Richardson's talk on brain donations at approximately 3.15.p.m.
You are very welcome to come along to the whole afternoon's programme, but if you feel you only want to come along to Dr Richardson's talk or just the lunch or just the AGM please feel free to do so.
The raffle will be drawn at the end of the afternoon over a nice hot cup of tea.
Our AGM this year will take place in February, details will appear in next month's newsletter. In the meantime, if there is anyone you would like to nominate as an officer or committee member of the branch, please forward their name, duly proposed and seconded to The Secretary, Mrs Maureen Le Feuvre, 6, Maison D'Azette, St. Clement, Jersey C.I. JE2 6FD.
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