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Welcome to 2003
Jersey Branch wishes all members a Happy New Year and we hope to see as many of you as possible at our meetings and social events. If you seldom or never attend how about a new year resolution to either come regularly or at least give it a try – most newcomers find they fit in easily and then come again.
Last Meeting
Our last meeting was back in November, since of course in December we do not meet at Communicare but instead have our Christmas Lunch gathering at Pontac House Hotel. In November we had a quiz evening, organised by Eileen and this, as usual, was much enjoyed by the members.
Thank You Letters
It has been very gratifying for the committee to see that our work in 2002 has been appreciated by many of the members and Roger and Eileen and Marian have received many letters of thanks and also telephone calls concerning the Christmas lunch and the fruit hampers and earlier in the year concerning the holiday in Torquay. Indeed some of the messages have been quite touching, showing that we have given welcome help and pleasure to the sufferers and carers. It is always good to know when we get things right but we are also prepared to listen to people who might see things we could do better or do not do at all.
Short back and sides sir?
When Roger was in town recently he spotted something unusual, which will amuse some of our members, and may even be of relevance to those who are wheelchair bound. During the spell of freezing weather early in January Roger passed by the barbers shop opposite The Mechanics Institute in Halkett Place and there was a gentleman in a wheelchair, who presumably could not negotiate the two or three steps into the shop. The barber therefore had come out onto the pavement, put a sheet around his customer's shoulders and he was busy with a pair of clippers cutting hair! Let us hope that nobody from the Town Hall saw this as otherwise the barber may find he is charged extra rates!
Greetings from Down Under
Jack Schofield wishes to be remembered to you all and he has sent seasons greetings and his best wishes to everyone for 2003. The temperature in Australia is between 35 and 40 and Jack went in a hot air balloon over Brisbane on New Years Eve and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This just goes to show there's life in the old dog yet!! As we always say there is life after Parkinson's. Well done Jack and Happy Birthday from us all on the 29th January.
There was no let up for the last 6 weeks of the year, and the following monies were raised:-
21 Nov, 2002 Quennevais School Xmas Fayre
Christmas card sales amounted to £86.19
22 Nov/23 Nov, 2002 Living Legend Xmas Crafts Fayre
Christmas card sales amounted to £645.00
26th Nov, 2002 Raffle/Communicare Raffle tickets sold totalled £14.50
29th Nov, 2002 St. Mary's School Xmas Fayre
Christmas card sales amounted to £54.30
30 Nov Joint Charities Xmas Bazaar Christmas card sales amounted to £126.15
November Card Sales + Webb Ivory catalogue orders totalled £541.33
6 Dec, 2002 Xmas Bingo night
99 supporters raised £626.70
Hedley & Eileen would like to thank all raffle prize donors for this event (86 prizes in total). A special mention goes to Elaine Richardson for her hard work contacting businesses and getting over 30 prizes & vouchers donated.
14 Dec, 2002 St. Mary's market Xmas Fayre
Christmas card sales amounted to £109.47
December Card Sales + Webb Ivory catalogue orders totalled £776.31
3 Jan 2003 Bingo night
79 supporters raised £252.00
Total raised £3231.95
Eileen would like to express her gratitude to Betty Grihault who works all year round getting orders for the Webb Ivory catalogue as well as selling cards from home, to June Tredant for selling Christmas cards at the Underground Hospital as well as catalogue orders from the staff, to Sue Smith for selling Christmas cards to the staff at Deutsche Bank.

Lastly special thanks to Cindy Le Feuvre, Don & Valma's daughter-in-law, who sold Christmas cards to her clients at Eclipse Hair Design, totalling £227.35 and Cindy also organised a raffle for us during Christmas week which raised £200.00 as well as donating the fee to cover the permits required by Gambling Control and since has donated a large amount of jewellery, hair slides etc. for sale during the coming year. Thank you all of you, your hard work and support means so much to Eileen.
Diary Date
Friday Feb 7th 2003 8 p.m Bingo Night at Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Carrier Bag Appeal
If anyone has carrier bags to spare Eileen will need some soon for various stalls. Please phone her on 737128.
Social Get-Togethers
Don't forget the bowls on the 21st January folks. Contact Peter on 724660 if you haven't already done so.
On Tuesday 18th February a lunch is being organised at the Red Rose Restaurant at 12.15 p.m. for 12.30 p.m. Please contact Eileen on 737128 by Saturday 1st February 2003 if you would like to go along. This will be free to sufferers and their carers.
Holidays for sufferers
Over several years now we have taken groups of sufferers away on holiday but there are those in our membership who have missed out because they are not mobile enough to travel out of the island or keep up with a group. To remedy this the committee have decided this year that we will provide holidays in the island at Maison des Landes Hotel, St. Ouen. Roger has made a provisional booking for three twin rooms for 7 days from 30th April and it may be possible to book individual rooms at later dates. This therefore is for the less able bodied members no longer able to travel out of the island and both sufferers and carers will be paid for by Jersey Branch. Each day there will be outings in a mini-bus from the hotel, with typically a meal out and the hotel is designed for the disabled. If you are interested please telephone Roger on 731145 to discuss the details. We will incidentally visit sufferers at the hotel to see how things are going.
It is that time of year when T.V. licences have to be paid for and rate returns etc. need completing. Now to add to the misery we are enclosing notices concerning subscriptions. The good news however is that once again we are holding the subscription at the same level, even though postage for example is about to increase by 26% The nominal £5 subscription does not of course even cover our administration costs, barely even covering the cost of newsletters, so please save our expenses by dealing with the enclosed notice and sending us your cheque(s) as soon as you can. It costs us time and money sending out reminders and resources can be better utilised than on wasted administration. There can be few subscriptions you will pay which give such benefits as our members enjoy.
Next meeting
At Communicare on Tuesday 28th January at 8 p.m. we will be holding our A.G.M. and we usually have a good attendance for this and we hope this year will be no exception, indeed we value the support of the membership, which in turn encourages your hard working committee. We will again have a full complement provided by existing committee members who are willing to be re-elected. If however anyone else wishes to stand for election they should notify our secretary, Joyce Marriott, in writing to Spring Tide, Victoria Avenue, St. Helier JE2 3TB. A proposer and seconder will be needed from the membership and nominations should be received by 27th January at the latest. We always try to get the formalities of the A.G.M. dealt with as speedily as possible and we also make it as informal and light hearted as we can, so please do not anticipate a dull evening as we can assure you it will not be and there will be time to socialise afterwards. We hope to see you there.

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