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Happy New Year
Eileen and the Committee send you their very best wishes for 2007.
Last Meetings
At our afternoon meeting in November, Eileen organised a team quiz. Scores ranged from 581/2 out of 70 down to about 50. The teams were very evenly matched, prizes were awarded and a raffle followed.
At our evening meeting, which was to discuss what the members wanted the branch to arrange for 2007, lots of ideas were put forward ranging from a carers helpline, facilities for exercise, (walking/gym) to keeping the meetings going/preferable to a monthly lunch. Communication and information were also asked for It was a very positive meeting, and very encouraging for the future of the branch.
It seems such a long time since our November newsletter, lots of fundraising went on leading up to Christmas, the following monies being raised:-
17.11.06 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
51 supporters raised £110.80
23.11.06 Raffle/Overdale
Tickets sold totalled £17.80
25 + 26/11/06 Crafts Fayre/Living Legend
Donations £12.10
Sales of cushion covers + pegbags £10.00
Sale of Christmas Cards £434.50
Third of raffle proceeds £527.33
Total £983.93
Our grateful thanks to everyone who helped with the stall.
28.11.06 Raffle/Communicare
Tickets sold totalled £30.00
Stamp sales for November 2006 totalled £212.61
Sale of foreign and obsolete coins for November 2006 amounted to £32.02
Donations via collecting boxes for November 2006 amounted to £32.43
Card sales and Webb Ivory catalogue orders for November 2006 totalled £381.53
Card sales and Webb Ivory catalogue orders via Betty Grihault for November 2006 £87.48
1.12.06 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
61 supporters raised £179.00
1.12.06 Smartie Appeal
Donation Lor Le Rossignol £15.20
9.12.06 Xmas Market/St. Mary's Community Centre
Sale of Christmas Cards £80.00
15.12.06 Xmas Bingo/Devil's Hole
80 supporters raised £683.00
Card sales and Webb Ivory catalogue orders for December 2006 totalled £587.89
Card sales for November/December 2006 via Cindy Le Feuvre at Eclipse Hair Design totalled £204.70
Card sales and Webb Ivory catalogue orders via Betty Grihault for December 2006 £178.27
Card sales for December 2006 via Sue Smith at her place of work amounted to £57.00
Donations via collecting boxes for December 2006 amounted to £814.08
5.1.07 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
65 supporters raised £196.00
Eileen would like to thank everyone who helped with fundraising throughout the year. Your commitment to our branch and the support you give Eileen is marvellous and Parkinson's is very grateful for everything you all do.
Collecting Boxes
Another five boxes were placed during December and thanks go to Pat Le Herissier, Marguerite Davey, Jean Bellamy and Ken Le Quesne for their efforts.
Stamps & Coins
 By selling stamps & coins we have profited by more than £1,000 over the last 2 years, so do please keep letting us have your used stamps, of all types, be it C.I., U.K. or foreign and either on the full envelopes or with at least a one inch margin around. Unfortunately we still get stamps which are ruined by people cutting so close that the stamps have damaged corners or perforations. Please do not try to peel stamps off envelopes as this ruins most and does not help at all.
 Some people have given us old stamp albums which have been left in drawers for years, in some cases since childhood, and these we much appreciate. Also some people have given us small collections of obsolete and/or foreign coins they have been hanging on to for years and these together with the many such coins we get in our collecting boxes we are able to sort and sell.  Please therefore think if you have any old stamps or coins that you may have tucked away and let Eileen (Tel: 737128 ) or Roger ( Tel: 731145) know. Many of our supporters save stamps from their normal mail deliveries and we are grateful for these. If every one did this and gave us even  just a few a month or a quarter it would make a good difference. If you are not helping already please think why not?
 Neurocare Phone Numbers
To help you contact the right person at Neurocare, please note the following numbers:-
623077 is for the Neurocare nurses Suki Douglas and Sarah Kean and 624818 is for the Neurocare occupational therapists Sandra Hubert and Sarah Blackburn.
For Sale
Mrs Jane Routier has a motorised bath chair on offer for £300 ono. For details etc. please phone 633169.
Parkinson's Open Day
We are very excited to inform you of this forthcoming event on Saturday 24th March 2007 at the General Hospital.
Speakers will be coming from the mainland, members of Guernsey branch will be joining us and many therapists will be organising workshops as well. Information - information - information - as much as we can handle will be on offer that day. Please make a note in your diary now! This is going to be an ideal time to promote Jersey branch and raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease.
Electricity Bills
The JEC has contacted the branch regarding the forthcoming price increase and the hardship that "special needs" customers might face in paying their bills. They have many ways of helping spread your payment and wish to help those on limited or low income.
If you need help or information please contact Marian Pitt on 721927.
It is very important to keep warm this winter, as getting cold may affect your condition. Please, please let us and the JEC help you.
Diary Dates
Friday 19th Jan 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
Friday 2nd Feb 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
Friday 16th Feb 2007 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
Social Get-Togethers
Eileen Smith is organising a lunch on Tuesday 30th January 2007 at The Blacksmith's Arms at 12 noon. This is a free outing for sufferers and carers. Paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please phone Eileen on 737128 to book, no later than Saturday 20th January, 2007, thank you.
Subscriptions 2007
It is now time to renew your membership and the subscription is still £5.00 for the year. Please complete the renewal form attached and send it with your cheque made out to Parkinson's Disease Society to our Treasurer Mrs. Pam Turner, La Ronde, Rue De Maupertuis, St. Clement, Jersey C.I. JE2 6NG.
For Neurocare clients wishing to become members of the branch, an application form is attached for you to complete. We would urge you to consider joining the branch. We can offer you friendship, a social life as well as emotional and financial support. You do not have to come to meetings or join in activities, but we do feel by receiving the monthly newsletter you will be in touch with what the branch can offer you.
Next meetings
Our first meeting this year will be on Tuesday 23rd January 2007 at Communicare, St. Brelade at 8 p.m. and as in previous years it will be the Annual General Meeting which is very short and informal. An agenda and the minutes of last year's AGM are enclosed for your perusal. We will be having a buffet after the AGM followed by tea and coffee and our usual raffle.
Our afternoon meetings will continue for the time being and are being moved to the second Thursday of the month, so as not to have two meetings in the same week.
Our next afternoon meeting will be on Thursday 8th February 2007 in the Resources Room at Overdale at 2.30 p.m. when Eileen will be organising a quiz. Please do come along. Refreshments will follow as well as a raffle
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