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JULY 2002

Last Meeting
At our last meeting we were given a talk by Mr Peter Le Rossignol, about antiques, mainly appertaining to The Grand Tour (of Europe), although most of us were engrossed with his amusing asides, movements and facial expressions! Suffice to say that we were so well entertained that Peter is a likely candidate for a request for another talk at some future date.
Collecting Boxes
It is pleasing that sometimes a call in our newsletter brings a positive response and Ken Le Quesne is to be congratulated for actively looking around for new sites for our collecting boxes and he is placing no less than eleven for us, including one at Lucas Brothers, La Haule and two in St. Mary, which is a parish where we previously had none. We also had a response for a new collecting box site from the lady who types our newsletters and this was before they had even been sent out, so this was also very welcome!

Alan's Lucky Year
Those of our members lucky enough to be included in the group that enjoyed a free holiday in Torquay must surely now be looking back and thinking how lucky they were with the weather, considering what we have had in Jersey since then. Thus in early May in Torquay we had six out of seven days without rain and some mornings we were able to sit out around the pool enjoying the sun after breakfast, before departing on an excursion. By contrast we seem to have had grey skies and little sun since then, indeed by the 9th day of this month we had reached the rainfall level for the entire month! Alan Smith furthermore has been even more fortunate because he was selected to go on a trip for a week with the Across charity to Lourdes, France and he again had good weather. Many of us know that Alan has his problems with P.D. but to have two free holidays in successive months is something that few people in the island will ever enjoy. We look forward to seeing more of Alan's photographs of his travels at future meetings. Three splendid examples were seen at our last meeting. On the subject of holiday photos, that shown here is of our mini-bus and a very tame white Dartmoor pony. This should bring back happy memories of a splendid excursion on a lovely sunny day and the pony was so tame that it was hand fed by Eileen through the window of the mini-bus!
22.6.02 Car Boot Pitch/St. Saviour's Hospital
Sale of goods £56.65
Thanks to Hedley & Eileen
25.6.02 Raffle/Communicare Tickets sold amounted to £21.00
Thanks to Olga & Maureen
29.6.02 Card Stall/Trinity PTA Fete
Sale of cards £95.40
Sale of stamps £2.00
Eileen would like to thank Hedley, Lor, Clive, Betty & Bert for helping her with this stall as she needed to be elsewhere for the Society
5.7.02 Bingo Night
76 supporters raised £272.00
Thanks to Hedley Eileen & Jean Roberts for their efforts.
13.7.02 Car Boot Pitch/Wanderers Football Club
Sale of goods £54.30
Thanks to Hedley, Eileen & Marian

"50 club"

The June draw took place at Communicare on 25th June 2002. Results as follows:-
1st prize £20 Ticket No 4 Maureen Le Feuvre
2nd prize £10 Ticket No 2 Ann Baudains
3rd prize £5 Ticket No 1 Edith Gosselin
Diary Dates
Saturday 20th July 9 a.m. – 1 p.m Car Boot Pitch/St. Saviour's Hospital
Saturday 27th July 10 a.m. – 2 p.m St. Lawrence Ladies' Action Group are holding a car boot sale at "Glencoe" – proceeds in aid of P.D.S. We will have a stall there as well.
Friday 2nd August 8 p.m Bingo Night at Devil's Hole, St. Mary. Everybody welcome.

Social Get-Togethers
Eileen is planning an afternoon of fun – laser shooting no less, followed by afternoon tea.
Venue:- Les Mielles Golf Club, Five Mile Road.
Date:- Thursday August 15th , 2002
Time:- 1.30 p.m.
Sue & John Hall have very kindly invited us all to their home afterwards for a cup of tea and a chat at Le Breton Farm, La Rue de la Ville au Neveu, St. Ouen.
Please contact Eileen no later than Saturday 3rd August 2002 if you would like to go.
Ten Pin Bowling
Peter Hobson is organising another session and lunch on Tuesday August 27th 2002 at 11 a.m. This is a free outing to sufferers and carers. Supporters are very welcome at a small and reasonable charge. Phone Peter on 724660 if you would like to go along. Eileen will be asking for £1 per head to organise a sweepstake.
Next meeting
At our next meeting we will be given a talk by Clive Russell, the Community Fire Safety Officer, which should be interesting and informative. This meeting will be at Communicare as usual at 8 p.m on Tuesday 22nd July and we hope to see you there
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