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JULY 2003

Apologies for late delivery
This newsletter is reaching you later than we would normally hope, because our "production team" have been on summer holiday and in July the fourth Tuesday in the month is very early. These two events seldom coincide, but please accept our apologies for the little notice before the next meeting. Please also remember that we do not meet in August and there will be no newsletter then.
Last Meeting
At our June meeting Eileen, assisted by June and Marian, organised a horse racing evening, which proved to be a great success and we are grateful to them and also to Alan for making the horses etc. and Jack for marking out the course and providing some of the materials. This is an event which we will be repeating, especially since we now have the equipment.
Local Fundraising
Fundraising continues at a steady pace with the following monies being raised:-
14.6.03 Pitch/Corbiere Car Boot Sale
Sale of goods amounted to £75.85
21.6.03 Pitch/Corbiere Car Boot Sale
Sale of goods amounted to £95.70
24.6.03 Raffle/Communicare Tickets sold totalled £20.00
28.6.03 Pitch/Corbiere Car Boot Sale
Sale of goods amounted to £56.05
Card Sales for June 2003 £47.57
4.7.03 Bingo night
82 supporters raised £230.00
Diary Dates
1.8.03 8 p.m Bingo night/Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Everyone welcome.
Eileen would like to thank everyone who responded to her appeal for 'Stampers' stamps and duty free whisky for raffle prizes for the bingo. You've overwhelmed Eileen with your generosity and she is extremely grateful for your support.
27.9.03 10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Annual Coffee morning and Christmas card sale at Margaret Baker's.
Marian will be running the Bring and Buy stall. Phone her on 721927 if you can donate something. This year we are looking for cakes, groceries and toiletries only.
Social Get-Togethers
Laser shooting and afternoon tea is planned for Thursday 21st August 2003 at 2 p.m. at Les Mielles, St Ouen and afterwards at the home of John and Sue Hall.
Please phone Eileen on 737128 by 16.8.03 if you would like to join in a fun afternoon out.
Bowls and lunch will take place on Tuesday 9th September 2003 at 11 a.m. firstly at Jersey Bowl then lunch is planned at the Portelet Inn. Please phone Peter on 724660 by 5.9.03 if you would like to go along.
Whist and afternoon tea will take place at 1.30 p.m. on Friday 19th September 2003 at "Bisley". Please phone Eileen on 737128 by 13.9.03 if you would like to attend
 Maison Des Landes holidays 2004
Would you and your carer like a free weeks holiday next year? The society will again be funding local holidays for those of you who are unable to travel with us to the mainland. Eileen and Alan were one of the couples who stayed there in May. It is a wonderful hotel with very willing and pleasant staff geared up to people with special needs. Excellent rooms and facilities, very good food with a chef very happy to provide a good variety to tempt you, catering for special dietary requirements as well. Daily outings are organised as well as evening entertainment. If you would be interested in taking up the society's offer please phone Eileen on 737128 by the end of August. The time of year can be arranged to suit you.

Alexander Technique weekend workshop
Would you like to take part in an exciting project that could change your way of life and help you manage and control your Parkinson’s symptoms better? If so, read on and don't delay in contacting Eileen on 737128 to arrange an appointment for you.
Please keep the weekend of 29th August – 1st September, 2003 free.
The society is funding the services of an Alexander Technique teacher from London who has specialised in working with and helping P.D. sufferers.
Our committee is very excited about this, and hopes that many of you will benefit from learning better posture, a positive mental attitude towards dealing with your Parkinson’s and a general feeling of well being. What have you got to lose?
Appointments will be arranged individually and in group sessions. Phone Eileen now on 737128. Eileen is also going to need drivers for that weekend, if you are available please phone her.
Lending Library
Please find enclosed a list of videos which have recently been donated to the society.
They consist of war films, westerns and other action packed films and will suit our male sufferers mostly. Phone Eileen on 737128 if you would like to borrow any.
Liberation Day Charity Challenge
Tristran Cabot, the son of our member Winston, entered this event, which consists of a walk or run from the waterfront to St. Aubin's and back and he raised £80 on our behalf. Well done Tristran!
Parkinsons' Concert
Our concert at St. Luke's Church on 27th June, with the Welsh choir, The Cancer Challenge Singers, proved to be a great success and it was possibly the best concert we have ever staged. The church was full to the extent that we had to put out extra chairs at the back of the church and we made a profit of over £1,200. Roger would like to thank Nancy, Ken, Eileen and Joyce for helping with the refreshments.
Next meeting
Our next meeting will be early in the month on Tuesday 22nd July at 8 p.m. at Communicare as usual. The speaker will be Neil Smart, who is the manager for the South West region of the Parkinson’s Disease Society and he will be keeping us abreast of latest developments. We look forward to seeing you there.
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