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JULY 2008

Last Meetings
At our May meeting we were delighted to welcome Jane Vincent who is the Chief Administrator of the J.S.P.C.A. and her rescue dog, Chester, a gorgeous brown and white spaniel. Jane spoke about the day to day running of the Animal Shelter, ongoing projects that the charity funds for the welfare of sick and unwanted pets, and the good working relationships with other animal based charities.
A collection was taken and £55 was donated to further the aims of the J.S.P.C.A.
Our usual raffle and refreshments ended the evening.
At our June meeting Eileen Smith organised a quiz night. Teams of three battled it out answering questions on a variety of topics as well as a picture round. Scores were between 80 and 95 out of a possible 110, therefore teams were very evenly matched.
Prizes were awarded, and the usual raffle followed. There was ample time for chatting over refreshments.
Fundraising has continued steadily over the last two months with the following monies being raised:-
7.5.08 Smartie Appeal
Donation via Mary Le Vesconte £11.60
16.5.08 Bingo/Devil's Hole
72 supporters raised £268.50
Sale of foreign coins £8.20
Sale of stamps £88.84
27.5.08 Raffle/Communicare
Members bought tickets totalling £27.00
Webb Ivory catalogue orders and card sales for May 2008 amounted to £191.85
Donations via collecting boxes for May 2008
amounted to £54.42
6.6.08 Bingo/Devil's Hole
69 supporters raised £237.30

Sale of foreign coins £8.31
20.6.08 Bingo/Devil's Hole
67 supporters raised £243.00
24.6.08 Raffle/Communicare
Members purchased tickets totalling £24.00
Webb Ivory catalogue orders for June 2008 amounted to £117.30
Donations via collecting boxes for June 2008
totalled £338.68
4.7.08 Bingo/Devil's Hole
77 supporters raised £242.25
Total raised £1861.25
Co-op can shake
We had a very successful week at the Co-op, St. Peter, between 19th - 24th May, the collection totalled £1,274.06. Our thanks go to Pam and Ken for organising it all, to Marg for counting it all and to our many supporters who gave of their time to fill the rota. We are extremely grateful to you all.
Parties for Parkinson's
Eileen Smith hosted a coffee morning on Friday, 30th May, 2008 and raised £150.00 and Valma Le Feuvre hosted a tea party on 27th June, 2008 raising £90.50. A good time was had by all who attended, and they in turn would thank you all for your support.
Collecting Boxes
Four boxes were placed during June and our thanks go to Eileen D'Ulivo, Jean Bellamy, Mary Le Vesconte and Ken Le Quesne for their efforts. Keep up the good work girls and boy.
Used Stamps/Old Coins
Rather regrettably nobody has contacted Roger Marriott to take on the job of collecting, sorting and selling used stamps for the branch which he and Joyce have done now for nearly 20 years, it is not an income that we can afford to lose. The demands on our resources are now greater than ever before and fundraising is becoming more and more difficult. Please, please, give this some serious thought, have you or a member of your family got time on your hands to take this job on board? Roger Marriott can be contacted on 731145 and would be more than willing to talk through what this job entails and the timescales involved. Some weeks it can be two or three hours other weeks it can be nothing at all. Please, someone, we need your help!
"Sing for Life" afternoon
Are you free between 2 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and looking for company?
If so you might like to meet at St. Saviour's Parish Hall for some company, a cuppa, and a bit of a sing song. Jo Cummings is organising these afternoons for sufferers of Alzheimer's, Motor Neurone and Parkinson's. This might be an ideal time to meet up with fellow sufferers and a chance to compare notes as well as having company for a while. If you would like further details Jo can be contacted by phone on 07797 824213.

 "Thought for the Day" from a Sufferer
"The Jersey Branch of The Parkinson's Disease Society has given me the opportunity to meet others living with the condition and share ideas. You certainly don't have to face Parkinson's alone."
Calling all Carers
Are there issues about Parkinson's that you would like to share with another carer?
The committee feels that a carers meeting is long overdue and would like to help support you and your needs.
Meetings for husbands and wives can be arranged as some topics are difficult to discuss with members of the opposite sex present.
If interested, please ring our liaison officer, Marian Pitt, on 721927.
Diary Dates
Friday 18th July 2008 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole, St Mary.
Friday 1st August 2008 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole, St Mary.
Friday 15th August 2008 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole, St Mary.
Party for Parkinson's
Eileen and Piero D'Ulivo are delighted to invite us, once again, to their home, Uliveto, Park Estate, St. Brelade, on Tuesday, 19th August, 2008 at 6.30 p.m for a pasta and horse racing night. Tickets are priced at £5 per head plus a bottle of wine or dessert per couple, there will also be a raffle.
Please phone Eileen on 747955 if you would like to go along.
Group Holiday
Every two years the branch funds a holiday to the U.K. for sufferers and their carers who are unable to travel alone or in some cases cannot afford a holiday at all. Last month we travelled to Edinburgh for a week's stay. Excursions included Edinburgh Castle, a river cruise on Loch Lomond, Deep Sea World, the Botanical Gardens, and a Sea Bird Centre. Some of our party visited the theatre to see "Evita", whilst others went to play bingo and a couple even went to the casino. The Royal Yacht Britannia is moored in Leith and it was possible to get some sufferers on board. Eating together was always relaxing and enjoyable, and in the evenings there was plenty time to chat, we even had a quiz, horse racing and a "Deal or no deal" contest.
Several of the group "shopped till they dropped" a super time was had by all.
Social Get-togethers
Valma Le Feuvre is organising a lunch on Friday August 8th 2008, at 12.30 p.m. for 1 p.m. at L'Auberge Du Nord, St. John. This is a free lunch for sufferers and carers, and paying supporters are welcome to join us.
Please phone Valma on 734044 no later than Friday, August 1st 2008 to book.
Transport can be arranged. Please contact Ken (tel 854769) or Eileen (tel 737128).
Everyone is very welcome to come along, it is so much easier to socialise as a group as we are all in the same boat.
Next meeting
We next meet at Communicare, St. Brelade, on Tuesday, July 22nd 2008 at 8 p.m. when Eileen Smith will be organising a "Blockbuster" type quiz and there will be plenty time for chatting too. We will have our usual raffle and refreshments will follow.
Regarding future speakers, if you have any medical concerns, would you be interested in someone from Overdale coming to one of our meetings to give us an overview on all the clinics and treatments available or would you sooner something more lighthearted? Our meetings are for you and it is very difficult to know what to organise when we receive very little feedback. Please phone Eileen with any ideas you may have.
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