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JULY 2009

Last Meeting
Eighteen members attended last month's lunch at Devil's Hole followed by a Beetledrive. Eight teams of two shook dice like there was no tomorrow and the drawings of the beetles left a lot to be desired, nevertheless laughter prevailed and there weren't any losers as everyone received a prize of sweets or chocolates.
Fundraising continues at a steady pace, the following monies being raised:-
7.6.09 Smartie Appeal
Donation via Lor Le Rossignol £20.00
13.6.09 Jumble Sale/Grouville Parish Hall
Sale of goods £162.75
Our thanks go to Carol Grihault for organising the sale and to our many helpers who set up and manned the stalls.
19.6.09 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
70 supporters raised £169.50 23.6.09 Raffle/PDS Meeting
Members bought tickets totalling £43.00
23.6.09 PDS Meeting
Sale of Lapel Pins £5.00
Sale of cards for June 2009 amounted to £22.35
Donations via collecting boxes for June 2009
totalled £719.47
Sale of coins £20.00
3.7.09 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
65 supporters raised £190.75
Total £1,352.82
Collecting Boxes
Four boxes were placed last month, three by Ken Le Quesne and one by Mary Le Vesconte. Well done and thank you to them for their continued efforts. You will see from the fundraising column what a wonderful amount was donated last month via our collecting boxes when 83 boxes were changed over. Eileen would like to thank Eileen D'Ulivo and Ken Le Quesne for helping her with these rounds and well done to Marg Le Quesne for counting it all.
Brain Bank Newsletter
Pam Turner, who is eager to get as many of us as possible to sign up for brain donation was recently approached by Dr Kirstin Goldring from the Brain Tissue Bank who asked Pam to share her story and reasons for registering with the Brain Bank. The following article is included in the summer issue of the magazine.contest.
'That vital gift of brain donation, Pam Turner
When my husband, Geoff, was diagnosed with Parkinson's early in 1985 it came as a blow to both of us. We had been married for less than two years. We knew from the outset that there was, as yet, no cure, and we didn't know too much about treatment. My childhood memory of the illness was when my granddad was told, "you have Parkinson's and there is no treatment, no cure and very little help and advice". It must have been pretty devastating and I have always remembered my granny and granddad trying to cope with it and not doing very well. Geoff and I joined the Parkinson's Disease Society, as well as the local branch here in Jersey, and we soon realised just how much information and help there was available to us. It was in about 2002 when, hearing about brain banking, Geoff said: "I think we should do this". Although we both realised that a cure might not come in time to help Geoff, we wanted to play our part in helping the scientists move closer to this aim. Through the years Geoff found it very difficult to cope with the condition. I was very proud that he had made the decision to donate his brain. But I was never prouder than at his funeral last October, when our Rector told the gathered congregation that Geoff had donated his brain to research into Parkinson's.
I have and always will continue to promote the idea of brain donation to the members of the Jersey Branch, and try and persuade those who are as yet undecided'.

 Aromatherapy Massage
Are there any Parkinson's sufferers who feel they would benefit from a massage? Sarah Kean, our Parkinson's nurse, at Neurocare sees clients on a regular basis. Massage can help with tight and knotted muscles as well as being a gentle therapeutic experience which helps with tension and stress. The branch is willing to fund a couple of sessions with Sarah to see if any of you would find this treatment to be beneficial in helping with any mobility difficulties you may be experiencing. Please contact Eileen Smith by phone on 737128 if interested and she will arrange a referral.
Complimentary Therapist
Jean Barnett is a member of The International Council of Holistic Therapists and works from her home in St. Brelade. As well as massages she can offer reflexology and Bowen therapy. Her address and phone number is available through Eileen Smith, who will be happy to forward one of Jean's pamphlets. Please phone Eileen on 737128 if interested.
Electric Reclining Armchair
We are delighted that one of our sufferers took up our offer for the free use of an electric recliner and is finding it very beneficial.
We still have one chair in storage. Do you have difficulty getting up out of your armchair? Are you using an armchair with little or no support? If the answer to these questions is yes why not give an electric reclining armchair a try. Phone Eileen Smith on 737128 who can arrange free delivery and you will have free use of the chair for as long as you require it.
Need A Break
It has come to our attention that a local hotel is offering a few nights accommodation to locals at a reduced rate. The committee would be happy to fund these stays for sufferers and carers who feel that they need time to relax away from home.
This a not a disabled hotel so couples would need to be reasonably mobile. They have a couple of wet rooms whilst most bathrooms just have a shower over the bath. Subject to availability, they would only need two/three weeks notice to accept a booking. Interested? Please phone Eileen Smith on 737128.
Water Rates
I am sure you will agree we are all looking for ways on cutting down running costs within our homes. Have you considered having a water meter fitted and only paying for the water you use. Eileen Smith did just that this February and was quite surprised at the difference in this quarter's bill just received. She has paid less than two thirds of the standard charge. The Waterworks Company will fit the meter free, but if any of you pay for hosepipe use she is not sure if the same applies, or if your water consumption would be as little as hers.
Just contact the Waterworks Company and ask questions, some saving on your quarterly bill is better than nothing.
Diary Dates
Friday 7th August 2009 8 p.m. Bingo Night /Devil's Hole.
Friday 21st August 2009 8 p.m. Bingo Night/Devil's Hole.
Social Get Togethers
Jack Schofield is organising another ten pin bowling session on Tuesday August 11th 2009 at Jersey Bowl, St. Peter. We will start off with lunch at 1 p.m. followed by a game of bowls. This is a free outing for sufferers and carers and paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please contact Jack on 738328 no later than Saturday 8th August if you would like to come along. Transport can be arranged.
Next meeting
We next meet for lunch at Devil's Hole, St. Mary on Tuesday, July 28th 2009 from 12.30 p.m. onwards. (Please order your lunch on arrival). Eileen Smith will be organising a team quiz afterwards and we will have our usual raffle. Transport can be arranged by contacting Ken Le Quesne on 854769. New members are always very welcome. Why not come along and meet us.
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