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JUNE 2005

Last Meeting
At our last meeting we were delighted to welcome Tina Borfiga, our Dao Yin instructor. Tina gave a detailed talk about the benefits of Dao Yin in general terms and of the known proof that it helps Parkinson's sufferers improve their balance, co-ordination and flexibility in their knees, ankles, hips and wrists. The lack of movement due to muscle rigidity and the lack of automatic movement was also covered, as Parkinson's affects a part of the brain sending the messages to swing our arms or transfer weight from leg to leg to start walking and turning around. Tina, Pam and Eileen performed the original set of Dao Yin exercises learnt nearly ten years ago and Tina also performed a Tai Chi dance which was a graceful martial art discipline.
We would encourage you to join our Dao Yin sessions on a Monday afternoon at 3.15 p.m. at Georgetown Methodist church hall.
Refreshments were served afterwards and we had our usual raffle.
A quieter month than usual with the following monies being raised:-
20.5.05 Bingo/Devil's Hole
50 supporters raised £92.20
24.5.05 Raffle/Communicare
Tickets sold totalled £19.00
Webb Ivory catalogue orders for May 2005 amounted to £208.85
Monies via collecting boxes for May 2005
totalled £167.00
3.6.05 Bingo/Devil's Hole
70 supporters raised £209.00
Welcome New Members
We bid welcome to new members who have joined the branch over the last few weeks. As always we hope that you will come along to some of the meetings and social get-togethers. Jersey branch funds a variety of exercise classes etc. such as Dao Yin, swimming in a heated pool, Alexander technique, aromatherapy massage as well as free taxis to and from doctor/hospital appointments for those not receiving the mobility allowance. For details of when everything takes place and where, contact Eileen Smith on 737128. If you need any help or advice regarding your Parkinson's or just need to talk to someone, contact Marian Pitt on 721927.
Collecting Boxes
Well done to Pat Redmond, Jack Schofield and Eileen Smith who placed four boxes between them during May. Please contact June Tredant on 861744 if you have any new locations. Could the lady who phoned June recently about leaving a box in her conservatory please phone again as June was unable to catch your name on her answerphone. Thank you.
Party for Parkinson's
Another party has taken place. Jack Schofield invited six friends for Sunday lunch and a game of cards and raised £50 towards branch funds. Well done Jack and thank you.
 Vitamin E
Please find enclosed an article which appeared in the May edition of Lancet Neurology stating how diet can be one of the risk factors in any condition.
Fishing/The One that got Away?
Jack Schofield is organising a private fishing competition for members on Thursday, July 14th 2005 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. with a picnic lunch at St Catherine's Breakwater. This is a free outing for everyone and we hope that able bodied supporters will come along to help our sufferers. You only need to turn up on the day, rods and bait will be provided and prizes will be awarded, as well as lunch. Jack has gone to a lot of trouble to get permission from the Harbour Office and the Constable of St. Martin, so I hope that we can all support him and go along, even if its only for a chat and some lunch. Disabled facilities are available and we can drive all the way down the breakwater if necessary. Please phone Jack on 738328 if you would like to go along or if you can help.
Calling All Whisters
One of our supporters organises regular whistdrives at St. Lawrence Parish Hall on the third and fourth Thursdays of the month at 8p.m. On July 21st and 28th proceeds will be for Parkinson's. So if there are any card sharks out there amongst you, you would be very welcome to go along. If anybody is able to donate a raffle prize please contact Eileen Smith on 737128. Thank you.
Diary Dates
Friday 1st July 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Friday 15th July 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Social Get-Togethers
Eileen Smith is organising a supper on Friday 8th July, 2005 at the Corbiere Phare at 6.15 p.m. for a 6.30 p.m. start. Sufferers and carers will be asked to contribute £2.50 towards Lynda Roberts fundraiser for 2006 and paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please phone Eileen on 737128 by Saturday July 2nd if you would like to come along. Transport can be arranged.
Next meeting
We next meet at Communicare on Tuesday June 28th 2005 at 8 p.m. Eileen Smith will be organising a quiz with various categories such as general knowledge, flowers, music etc. etc. As usual it will be in teams of three or four with prizes. We will be having wine and cheese during the evening to help the old grey matter along.
Birthday cards will be on sale as well as our usual raffle with tea and coffee to round off the evening.
Books will be on sale towards Lynda Roberts fundraiser next year.
Hope to see as many of you there as possible.
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