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MARCH 2003

Last Meeting
At our February meeting a quiz was organised with Eileen and Marian at the helm (as Roger and Joyce were absent due to a family bereavement). Much laughing went on as three possible answers were given to each question, which in some cases were rather risque, and Eileen's interpretation made for more humour.
The team of Richard's Rovers (Yes Rovers not Ravers) comprising of Richard and Wendy Grainger and Alan Smith won by a very small margin of two points.
18.2.03 Smartie Appeal
Donation received £17.80
25.2.03 Raffle/Communicare Tickets sold at our monthly meeting totalled £16.00
1.3.03 Car Boot Sale/ St. Peters Community Centre
Sale of Bric-a-brac £81.70
Sale of cards & paper £11.50
7.3.03 Bingo night/Devil's Hole
75 supporters raised £215.00
8.3.03 Joint Charities Spring Fayre/St. Peter's Parish Hall
Card Sales totalled £80.73
Eileen thanks everyone who manned this stall.
Diary Dates
Fri 21st March 2003 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Card stall at Living Legend
Sat 8th March 2003 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Card stall at Living Legend
Please display posters enclosed
Friday 4th April 2003 8 p.m Bingo Night at Devil's Hole
Peter Hobson is organising another ten pin bowling session with lunch on Tuesday 15th April 2003 at 11 a.m. Please telephone him on 724660 if you would like to go along. Transport can be arranged. Instead of prizes Eileen will be organising a sweepstake and will be asking you all to contribute £1.
Social Get-Togethers
As our meals out are proving to be so popular, a lunch at the Somerville, St. Aubin's is being organised on Tuesday 29th April, 2003 at 12.30 p.m. Please phone Eileen if you would like to go. Transport can be arranged.

 Fundraising Catalogue
The Webb Ivory Spring/Summer catalogue is now available. For every £1 spent the society receives approximately 42p.
Why not show one to your family and friends and raise money for the society at the same time?
Please phone Eileen Smith on 737128 for a copy.
An Afternoon Out
Maufant Youth & Community Centre is being opened to the public on a Wednesday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Get together with your friends for a cup of tea. Make use of their sports facilities or log on to their computers. Phone Eileen on 737128 for more details.
Awareness Week
The national Awareness Week campaign runs from 6th to 13th April and as usual Peter Hobson will be organising collections outside two supermarkets. The first will be at St Peter’s Co - op on Tuesday 8th April and the second wil be outside the Grande Marche Co - op store in St Helier on Saturday 12th April. Peter will need a good number of helpers for this and if you can spare say two hours or even just an hour please give him a call on 724660. This is your opportunity to give something back to the society which nowadays does a great deal for the members.
Next meeting
Our next meeting will be at 8 p.m. on Tuesday 25th March at Communicare as usual. Unusually we will have two speakers, so that you will get double value! Even more unusually both speakers are from our membership and firstly Pam Turner will talk to us about the P.D.S. funded Brain Bank. Both sufferers and carers may donate their brains for medical research into the causes of Parkinsons and normal brains (unaffected by P.D.) are needed for comparative tests. Secondly Marian Pitt will talk to us about tinnitus and the work of the local society, of which she is the chairperson. This should therefore be an interesting evening and we hope to see you there.

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