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MARCH 2006

Last Meeting
Last month's meeting didn't quite go according to plan!! Unfortunately a lot of you turned up for the horse racing, Hedley even delivered the boards for the track, so who was missing? Well Eileen managed to lock herself in Alan's old darkroom!! "So she'll be well developed when she comes out" Geoff Turner announced, when you found out finally what had happened. This comment was met with much surprise and laughter as Geoff is normally so quiet, and doesn't say boo to a goose! Never mind you all enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee and the raffle was drawn as usual, and Eileen's safe and sound . She assures you that it won't happen again.
Unfortunately, due to Devil's Hole being refurbished, two of our bingos have had to be cancelled. This has made a marked difference to our income for the month, the following monies having been raised:-
24.2.06 Stamp sales amounted to £23.00
28.2.06 Raffle/Communicare
Members bought tickets totalling £22.00
Donations via collecting boxes for February 2006 came to £40.00
8.3.06 Stamp sales amounted to £12.20
Collecting Boxes
Eileen Palmer is to be thanked once again for placing two boxes during February. Any money received via our collecting boxes is free! We only have to empty the boxes on a regular basis and bank it. Please contact June Tredant on 861744 if you have any ideas about businesses we might approach. Ladies why not ask the manageress of your hairdressing salon?
Painless Fundraising
There is a way of helping our branch without it costing you a penny and with very little trouble. Roger has mint postage stamps to a total value of £51.75 in values ranging from a halfpenny up to £5 and if people would buy these from us at face value it would cost them nothing and we would make £51.75. They could be used for parcels in particular or indeed letters and it would only involve sticking say two or more extra stamps on a letter/parcel than you might normally use. Roger will sell them in smaller lots of say £10 if people prefer and could divide them as preferred, with say all higher values for parcels or all lower value for letters, where you would need to use perhaps 2 or 3 stamps to make up the 33p for local letters. With letters or parcels it is easy enough to go to the post office and get a parcel or letter weighed and then if needed buy an extra stamp to make up any difference. If you are willing to do this to help the Society at no cost to yourself give Roger a call on 731145. All it involves is buying stamps from us rather than the post office.
Awareness Week Can Shakes
Our treasurer, Pam Turner, would like to thank everyone who has agreed to help. This is quite an undertaking for us. In previous years we have only collected on two days, covering just sixteen hours. This year's effort at two supermarkets, both for six days will be a total of ninety-six hours!! Pam has nearly filled all the slots and we thank her for taking on the task.
We may need a couple of drivers during that week (24th - 30th April) to ferry collectors to and from home and the Co-op, St. Peter or Checkers, Plat Douet Road. If you think you can be of assistance, please phone Pam on 732710.
Specialist Nurse Clinic
Suki Douglas at Neurocare is running a clinic at the William Knott centre on the last Wednesday of every month. This is to see more patients in between your appointments with Dr Gibson or Dr Richardson. Suki will be sending out appointments, but if you are experiencing any difficulties please contact her by phone on 623077 and she will make arrangements to see you
President's Initiation
Dr Richardson is to be congratulated for taking part in the Parkinson's sponsored walk on March 4th from Longbeach to St. Aubin's. He even surprised himself when he completed the 10 miles. Little did he know by agreeing to be a figurehead for the branch what was ahead of him.
Eileen was pleased to see several of our supporters when they registered for the walk that Saturday morning, and would thank them for their commitment in raising funds for the work of the Society.
 Vegetables, Are You Eating Enough?
We are all aware that Parkinson's and constipation go together, it is one of the side effects of your medication. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to eat plenty fruit and veg. For those of you who live alone, or in some cases when your husband or wife can no longer drive, getting groceries etc. becomes more difficult. Lucas Brothers are offering Parkinson's and MS sufferers a home delivery service for fruit, veg and bakery goods. Enclosed is an order form giving a huge selection of fresh produce available. Phone them on 742907 or fax an order through on 745152. Let them know you are a Parkinson sufferer and the delivery charge will be nominal.
If you need any help phone Eileen Smith on 737128 or Suki Douglas on 623077 .
Story Tapes
The branch has recently had donated several audio story cassettes. If you would like to borrow any please phone Eileen Smith on 737128 when she will let you know the titles available. For those of you who have difficulty holding books or cannot concentrate on reading or have eyesight problems this is a wonderful way to enjoy a story. Listen to it, instead of reading it.
For Sale
A Spa Burnett support seat with back and side support is for sale. This comprises two side arms and a full back support that incorporates a head rest. This is useful for sufferers who are not able to sit up straight in an armchair. The support moulds to the position and shape of your body by vacuum not inflation. Complete with fleece cover, pump and instructions. Cost £400 new, asking £100. Contact Eileen Smith on 737128 for further information.
Neurocare Adapted Car
Do any of you use the vehicle for outings or holidays? If so, please let Eileen know on 737128. Due to the changes in Health & Social Services insurance cover the current arrangement can no longer continue.
Parkinsons, MS and Motor Neurone will have to insure and service the car and if no-one is using it we feel now might be the time to opt out of the arrangement.
Diary Dates
Friday 24th March 2006 8 p.m. Bingo, Devil's Hole (extra one to compensate for the cancelled ones)
Friday 7th April 2006 8 p.m. Bingo, Devil'sHole
Friday 21st April 2006 8 p.m. Bingo, Devil's Hole
Social Get-Togethers
Eileen Smith is organising a lunch at the Blacksmith's Arms on Tuesday April 4th 2006 at 12.15 p.m. for 12.30 p.m. This is a free outing for sufferers and carers. Paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please phone Eileen Smith on 737128 by Friday 31st March if you would like to come along.
Jack Schofield is organising another bowls session with lunch on Tuesday 18th April 2006. at 12 noon at Jersey Bowl. Bowling will commence at 12.15 p.m sharp and we will have lunch there at 1.30 p.m. Sufferers and carers will be asked to pay £2.50 towards branch running costs and paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please phone Jack on 738328 by Thursday 13th April to book.
Next meeting
We next meet at Communicare, St. Brelade on Tuesday March 28th 2006 at 8 p.m when Eileen promises to turn up and get these horses under starter's orders and out of their starting blocks.
Books, wrapping paper and birthday cards will be on sale. Refreshments will be served afterwards and we will have our usual raffle. New members are always welcome to come along and join in the fun.
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