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MAY 2003

Last Meeting
At our April meeting we were given a talk by Alasdair Crosby, concerning his trip to Bolivia with Colonel Blashford-Snell and his party and we learnt a good deal about the dangers they faced and the restricted diet, which included snake meat. Few of us would perhaps have realised that Alasdair and the other members of the group had to pay their own way, for the privilege of hacking through the jungle with a machete, living under canvas and eating snake meat. Fortunately Alasdair has a friendly bank manager but we suspect that regardless of our members bank relationships most of them will give the snake meat a miss and stick with package tour holidays! All in all however we were well entertained listening to Alasdair's experiences and seeing his photographs of the Bolivia expedition.
Brain Donations
As a result of the publicity generated locally by Awareness Week and Geoff and Pam Turner's media attention we understand that at least two people have come forward and agreed to bequeath their brains to the P.D.S. funded Brain Tissue Bank. This is great news as there is a shortage of such tissue for research, but the people involved are not P.D. sufferers and it is the brains of sufferers that are most needed. We would ask therefore that all sufferers should consider the possibility of bequeathing their brains, as there is a dire shortage and you could make a difference to research efforts to find the cause and a cure and thus help others. We can send you details if you are interested.
This continues at a steady pace and during the last month £368.00 was raised as follows:-
15.4.03 Smartie Appeal
Donation received £20.40
22.4.03 Raffle/Communicare Tickets sold amounted to £16.50
April 2003 Card Sales totalled £6.00
2.5.03 Bingo night/Devils Hole
76 supporters raised £270.00
11.5.03 Pitch/Corbiere Car Boot Sale
Total sales of Bric-a-brac, books & clothes came to £55.00.
Eileen would like to thank everyone who has donated items over the last couple of months for the forthcoming stalls.
Diary Date
Friday 6th June 2003 8 p.m Bingo/Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Everyone welcome.
Ten Pin Bowling
Peter Hobson will be organising another bowls session on Tuesday 17th June 2003 at 11 a.m. with lunch afterwards. Phone 724660 if you would like to join in. Transport can be arranged and this is a free outing to sufferers and carers.
Eileen Requests
If any of you shop at "Stampers" on occasions and do not save the stamps they give please save them for Eileen, who buys raffle prizes for the Bingo evenings she organises. Also if any of you travel to the U.K. and do not buy duty frees for yourself please purchase a litre of Teachers/Bells whisky and Eileen will reimburse you. It is so much cheaper than here and makes a good raffle prize. Also please note it is not for medicinal purposes for Eileen!
Social Get-Togethers
It is a long time since we've been to the Opera House but this is now to be remedied by two visits. Tickets are being booked for the following:-
Thursday July 10th, 2003. The thriller play "An Inspector Calls". This will be for the matinee performance at 3 p.m.
Friday August 8th, 2003. The musical "Grease" This will be for the early evening performance at 5.30 p.m.
 Please contact Eileen by Saturday 7th June if you would like to go to one or both shows which are free to sufferers and carers. As with previous bookings if for any reason you are unable to attend a performance for whatever reason, you will be expected to reimburse the Society for the cost of your ticket. Xmas Shopping Trip
June Tredant is willing to organise a weekend in Southampton 14/15/16 November, 2003 for shopping and theatre/bingo. Contact June on 861744 if you are interested in making up a party and she will be able to give you some idea of costs. This is not an organised trip and whilst we will travel together and be staying at the same hotel you will be free to do your own thing whilst over there.
Maison Des Landes Holidays
Alan & Eileen Smith, Ray & Louise Le Vannais and June & Graham Tredant have recently enjoyed a week's break at Maison Des Landes, paid for by the Society. The facilities, food, helpful staff, evening entertainment and daily outings were well organised and a very good time was had by all, as illustrated in the two photos below.
The Society is very willing to fund further holidays at Maison Des Landes, subject to availability. Please contact Eileen on 737128 if you would like a weeks break and she can tell you first hand what's on offer "in the wilds of St Ouen".
Next meeting
We will next meet on Tuesday May 27th at 8 p.m. at Communicare, St. Brelade and our guest speaker will be Mike Stentiford, who spoke to us last year about the Falkland Islands. This time Mike will be talking about the Les Mielles conservation area in St. Ouen's Bay and what has and has not been achieved. It is the 25th anniversary of the formation of Les Mielles and now is an appropriate time to both look back and look forward and we are sure that Mike will again give us an entertaining evening
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