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MAY 2005

Last Meeting
We Last Meeting
Last month Eileen Smith organised a horse racing evening which was great fun. Bets were won and lost but not many were out of pocket. Some horses failed to start, others fell at the first fence and at one point three horses only needed one point to win. A steward's enquiry was asked for in one face but to no avail. Once again Ray and Louise Le Vannais backed a winner in every race, so next time they will be the tipsters and you will be able to seek their advice before placing your bets. A good time was had by all.
3 & 10.5.05 Car Boots/Springfield
Goods sold by a supporter £110.00
15.4.05 Bingo/Devil's Hole
70 supporters raised £224.10
22.4.05 Eclipse Hair Design
Sale of teddies £10.00
26.4.05 Raffle/Communicare
Tickets sold totalled #23.00
Card sales and Webb Ivory catalogue orders for April 2005 amounted to £475.00
Lapel pin sales for April 2005
totalled £24.00
Monies banked via collecting boxes for April 2005
totalled £32.00
2.5.05 Car Boot/St. Peters Community Centre
Goods sold by a supporter £100.00
6.5.05 Bingo/Devil's Hole
69 supporters raised £197.70
Total raised £1195.80
Collecting Boxes
It was the Palmer, Smith and Redmond show last month with the two Eileens and Pat placing seven boxes between. Well done girls! We cannot emphasise enough that this is money which we do not have to work for, so please take up the challenge and find somewhere for us to place a box. June Tredant would be delighted to hear from you on 861744.
Awareness Week 11-17 April
That was the week that was! It stretched to almost a fortnight with a variety of things happening. For the duration of the week we had three ten second adverts on Channel television every day. We sold 95 of our tulip lapel pins @ £1each at the Co-op, St. Peter and the Royal Bank of Scotland and National Westminster Banks had our collecting boxes on their counters. Some boxes have not yet been returned so we do not have the total amount donated yet.
On Thursday 14th April our youngest sufferer Ann Robertson (42) was interviewed by BBC Radio Jersey. She gave a moving account of how being diagnosed at 33 made her make several decisions about her future quite quickly. She was living with her boyfriend of seven years. Would they have a future together? Would they get married and have children? The answers were yes. She spoke of how she copes and what understanding her children have of her illness. Ann prised the branch for sending a monthly newsletter of activities coming up and of the support that is given maybe only to older sufferers, at the moment. Well done Ann and thank you.
London Marathon runner, David Richardson completed the course on Sunday 17th April and raised £2,356 for research into Parkinson's. Well done that man!
Our can shakes at the Co-op took place the following week on the 19th and 20th April. On the Tuesday at the St. Peter store we collected £235.62 and on the Wednesday at Grand Marche we collected £229.89. Over the two days we gave 218 of the Parkinson's CD "All I ask of you" to those making a donation, which were gratefully received. Thank you to the volunteers who rattled a can for us.
Duty Free Goods
If any of you are going away and not bringing duty frees back for yourselves Eileen would appreciate some litres of whisky please for which she will gladly re-imburse you.

"Art in Pain" Project
This is a course open to anyone in chronic pain who would like the opportunity to paint, draw and try out different media. No artistic skill is required. It is free, fun and relaxing. Please see attached details for when and where and how to enrol. One of our sufferers, Alan Luce, goes along, so contact him on 871214 to find out what it's all about.
Party for Parkinson's
The first party took place on Friday 13th May when Eileen Smith invited twenty ladies for afternoon tea and to see the film "Ladies in Lavender" starring Maggie Smith and Dame Judi Dench. (Thank goodness there were more ladies of Maureen Le Feuvre and Louise Le Vannais' stature than of Eileen and June's, ha! ha! only joking!). It was a very enjoyable afternoon raising £125.00 towards branch funds.
Itex Walk
The Around the Island walk takes place on Saturday 18th June 2005. If any of you would like to sponsor Lynda Roberts, please contact her mum, June Tredant on 861744. Jersey branch will be receiving a donation from the total proceeds of the walk.
Metamorphic Technique
Amy Patterson, who teaches the Alexander Technique, is willing to teach carers metamorphic massage to help their partners. This is very gentle rubbing of the feet, hands and head. Any treatment that soothes and relaxes is worth considering. Please contact Eileen Smith on 737128 if you would be interested in taking up this offer.
Get Well Wishes
We send our love and best wishes to Don Le Feuvre, Roger Hibbeard and Fred Villain who are still in hospital for varying reasons. Best foot forward guys! Hope you will be feeling better soon. We wish Eileen Palmer well when she goes into hospital later this month for a knee replacement operation.
Diary Dates
Friday 3rd June 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Supper at Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Friday 17th June 2005 8 p.m Bingo/Supper at Devil's Hole, St. Mary
Social Get-Togethers
Eileen Smith is arranging a beetledrive at Bisley, Westbourne Avenue, on Monday 6th June 2005 at 6.45 p.m. for a 7 p.m. start. Tickets will be £2. Everyone is welcome. Please phone Eileen on 737128 by Wednesday, June 1st if you would like to join in.
Eileen Smith is organising a lunch on Tuesday 21st June 2005 at the Red Rose Restaurant, 12.15. for 12.30. Sufferers and carers will be asked to contribute £2 towards branch running costs and paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please contact Eileen on 737128 by Wednesday, June 15th if you would like to go along. Transport can be arranged.
Next meeting
We next meet on Tuesday 24th May, 2005 at Communicare, St. Brelade at 8 p.m. Our guest will be Tina Borfiga. Tina will give a short talk about Dao Yin which is safe, gentle exercise and explain how beneficial it is to one's well being. A demonstration will follow by sufferers and carers who attend the class which the branch funds solely for our members.
Two of our men sufferers were in the original pilot group nine years ago. One, 81 years of age, broke his hip two years ago but continues his Dao Yin, attending two classes a week. The other, 75 years of age, stopped attending our class about eight months ago and now is reliant on an electric wheel chair to get around the house.
Dao Yin is not a cure for your Parkinson's! All exercises and therapies are to maintain your current mobility and muscle strength. I urge and encourage you to come along to this demonstration and see the gentleness of it all. At the end of the evening Tina will perform a Tai Chi dance which is very graceful to watch.
Refreshments will be served afterwards with our usual raffle. Greetings cards and notelets will also be on sale.

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