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Last Meeting
At our evening meeting last month, Graham Taylor a Bowen Technique practitioner, gave an informative talk about this form of light massage and demonstrated the rolling movements on our guinea pig, Graeme Tredant. It takes about three sessions to know if this therapy will help alleviate pain, and looks at the whole alignment of the body. If you require any further information or would like to make an appointment Graham Taylor can be contacted by phone on 07797 720828.
Refreshments followed as well as our usual raffle.
Our afternoon meeting was something totally different when we were entertained by the Caesarean Hand Bellringers. Tunes ranged from The Yellow Rose of Texas to The Bells of St. Mary's, some classical pieces and some popular toe tapping numbers as well. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours followed by tea and biscuits and our usual raffle.
15.9.06 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
66 supporters raised £209.70
15.9.06 Smartie Appeal
Donation/Lor Le Rossignol £14.80
26.9.06 Raffle/Communicare
Members purchased tickets totalling £33.00
28.9.06 Raffle/Overdale
Tickets sold amounted to £11.00
Donations via collecting boxes for September 2006 totalled £174.14
6.10.06 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
61 supporters raised £190.50
Diary Dates
Friday 20th October 2006 8 p.m. Bingo Night/
Devil's Hole
Saturday 28th October 2006 9.30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Card Stall Charity Card Sale/Communicare
Help needed! Please phone Eileen on 737128
Friday 3rd November 2006 8 p.m. Bingo Night/
Devil's Hole
Friday 17th November 2006 8 p.m. Bingo Night/
Devil's Hole

 Coffee Morning/Saturday October 14th
Many thanks to everyone who donated items for the stalls, especially the cakes.
Our grateful thanks also to raffle prize donors and to everyone who manned the stalls. Amount raised will follow next month.
Christmas Catalogues
Thank you to all of you who have placed orders so far. If any of you need extra copies, Eileen will be willing to deliver some to you. Please phone 737128.
Jersey Calendars 2007
Eileen is holding a stock of Jersey calendars at a price of £4.00 compared to the recommended retail price of £4.95 in the shops. If you wish to place an order please phone her on 737128.
Our sessions at Cheshire Homes Pool on a Wednesday commence at 2 p.m. and not 3 p.m. as notified last month.
Next meetings
We next meet at Communicare on Tuesday 24th October 2006 at 8 p.m. when our speaker will be Peter Le Rossignol, the antique dealer who will be showing a selection of slides on jewellery, silver, porcelain and French interiors. This is going to be a very interesting evening, followed by refreshments and our usual raffle.
Our afternoon meeting at Overdale is on Thursday 26th October 2006 at 2 p.m. when Melissa Lombard, who is a speech and language therapist will be talking to us about the importance of exercising the vocal cords and will be talking also about new thickening agents to put in drinks to help swallowing.
I am sure this is going to be a very informative afternoon.
Teas and coffees will be served and we will be having a raffle as well.
Please do come along, we would love to welcome new members
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