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Last Meeting
At our meeting back in July we were given a talk by Clive Russell, the Community Fire Safety Officer, which proved to be informative and interesting. It could now hardly seem more topical with this newsletter being compiled on the very day of the major fire at the Hotel de France. Make sure therefore that your smoke detectors are working and they are sensibly distributed.
Hot Shot Jack
On August 15th we had an excellent outing to Les Mielles Golf Club to enjoy a session of laser shooting, which none of us had tried before and it was great to see almost everyone taking part. Some of our less mobile sufferers were able to shoot from a chair or a wheelchair. The man in charge could be described as a one legged scouse comedian and he really made the outing special, with his constant wisecracks. Olga will now always answer to the name of Doris and Eileen knows that if she cannot hit the target then our scouse friend will place a target on the floor within two feet of the barrel, so that at least a score is registered! The star of the day was Jack Schofield who seemed to forget all about his Parkinsons and he was able to record an astonishing score. Afterwards our party enjoyed tea and sandwiches around the pool at the home of Sue and John Hall and this rounded off a memorable afternoon.
Video/CD library
Roger now stores the video/C.D. library and ensures that all our stock is brought to every meeting, so that you now have a regular and good selection. It has been a little disappointing to find that some people are returning videos/tapes not fully re-wound and even worse videos put back in the wrong boxes. We sometimes sell videos which are not popular with the members and when we sold a video of Back to Bataan the purchaser went to play it at home only to discover that the wrong video (The Sea Shall Not Have Them) had been put in the box. This means that Eileen will now have to check all returned videos/tapes so do please be considerate and return them as you would wish to find them.
There has been no let up on the fundraising front over the last couple of months. Hedley & Eileen's continued efforts "Flying the Flag" keeps Parkinson's name in the forefront of people's minds and has generated regular income for the branch as follows:-
20.7.02 Car Boot/St Saviours Hospital
Sale of Goods £61.75
23.7.02 Raffle/Communicare Sale of Tickets £14.00
27.7.02 Car Boot/Glencoe
Proceeds of Pitches & Goods sold totalled £1222.20
Our thanks go firstly to the St. Lawrence Ladies Action Group for organising this car boot sale on our behalf. A truly magnificent result. Our society was chosen as a thank you to Hedley for occasionally "calling" at their monthly Bingo sessions. He is a wonderful ambassador for our cause folks!! As a result Eileen, Marian, Pam & Maureen have formed a fan club!!
July 2002
Card sales amounted to £59.19
2.8.02 Bingo Night
72 supporters raised £210.65
On the night of the Bingo Eileen was presented with monies raised by Le Riches staff from a dress down day totalling £130.00
17.8.02 Car Boot/Corbiere
Sale of Goods £87.00
24.8.02 Car Boot/Wanderers FC
Sale of Goods £33.75
27.8.02 Smartie Appeal
Donation received £19.00
31.8.02 Car Boot/Corbiere
Sale of Goods £56.85
August 2002
Card sales amounted to £47.19
6.9.02 Bingo Night/Devils Hole
79 supporters raised £302.00
On the night of the Bingo Eileen was presented with monies raised by Mrs Bowker from fortnightly whist drives which she organises, totalling £200.00
Certainly not unlucky 13 as far as the branch is concerned, £2443.58 being the total raised over 7 weeks.
"50 club"
Draws for July & August have taken place, July at our monthly meeting and August at the bowls session. Results as follows:-
1st prize £20 No 15 Jean Huish
2nd prize £10 No 8 Peter Hobson
3rd prize £5 No 32 Ruth Huish
1st prize £20 No 41 John Hall
2nd prize £10 No 37 Olwen Savva
3rd prize £5 No 6 Don Le Feuvre
Just to let you all know that Vowden Sports in Don Street stock trainers with Velcro flaps. No laces to do up!! A cheaper version is available at the Co-op Charing Cross.
Coffee Morning & Christmas Card Sale
Once again Margaret Baker has invited us into her home at First Tower for this annual event which takes place this year on Saturday, September 28th, from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. You will have received your invitations for distribution, and this year car parking has been made available at St. Andrews Church, with disabled car parking at "Les Lilas" as well as at "Steve Harris Motors", which is next door. We are in desperate need of items for the Bring & Buy stall (cakes, tins, bric-a-brac etc. etc.) as well as raffle prizes. Please contact Eileen on 737128 if you have anything suitable.
Eileen would like to thank Margaret Le Quesne, one of our sufferers, for producing the invites on her computer.

 Silent Auction
This fundraiser will take place on Friday, October 25th 2002 from 7.30 p.m. until 9.00 p.m., at St. Clements Parish Hall. Help is needed from 2 p.m. onwards to set it up.
Eileen needs your items now as they need to be catalogued before the day!! If each member could give one item it will be a bumper sale. Raffle prizes are again needed as well as cakes etc. for the refreshments.
Eileen's phone number is 737128. Please contact her!!
Can you display a poster anywhere? Think about it and let Eileen know how many. These will be available from the 1st October.
It is the "Four C's" season
Cards, catalogues and calendars and its all for Christmas.
Please phone Eileen on 737128 for your requirements.
Jersey calendars are available at £3.95 and £2.95 (tourism ones available at 2.99). Jersey view Christmas cards available at 75p and 95p. The Webb Ivory Christmas catalogue is now available. We're hoping to distribute one to each of you, so please show it to family, friends and neighbours. For every £1.00 sold, the Society receives approx 40p.
Diary Dates
As you are aware October and November are our busiest months for selling Christmas cards. All stalls will be on a rota basis and dates already booked are as follows:-
Saturday 28th September 2002
10 a.m. – 12.30 p.m Coffee morning & Christmas card sale at "Les Lilas" First Tower.
Friday 4th October, 2002 8 p.m Bingo at Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Friday, 25th October 2002 7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.
Silent Auction at St. Clements Parish Hall.
Saturday 26th October 2002 10 a.m. – 2 p.m
Charity card stall at Communicare, St. Brelade.
Friday 1st November 2002 8 p.m Bingo at Devil's Hole, St. Mary.
Friday 22nd November &
Saturday 23rd November, 2002
Christmas Charity card stall at Living Legend with the Jersey Craft workers. 6 p.m. – 10 p.m Friday & 10 a.m. – 5 p.m Saturday.
Saturday 30th November, 2002 10 a.m. – 3 p.m Christmas Charity card stall at St. Peters Parish Hall/Joint Charities Xmas Bazaar.
Please phone Eileen and let her know when and where you could help.
Social Get-Togethers
On Thursday 3rd October, 2002 an early evening supper will be organised at The Carvery, Les Charrieres Hotel, St. Peter at 6.30 p.m, to eat at 7.00 p.m.
On Tuesday 29th October, 2002 a visit to St. James Church is planned to see the Harlem Gospel Choir at 8.00 p.m.
To finish off the year a visit to the Opera House on Wednesday 27th November, 2002 is being organised to see "Scrooge the Musical" by the Good Theatre company with Beaulieu school and First Tower school. If you would like to go on any of these outings, which are free to sufferers and carers, phone Eileen on 737128 no later than:
Monday 30th September for Les Charrieres.
Monday 14th October for St. James.
Saturday 9th November for Opera House.
Due to Eileen's fundraising commitments for us, no late bookings will be entertained and if you are unable to use your theatre tickets for any reason, unfortunately Eileen will expect you to re-imburse the Society (Sorry!).
Recent Fundraising Events
Thanks to the granddaughter of Valma and Don Le Feuvre we recently received £531, being half the proceeds of a 30 mile sponsored walk by year 10 Beaulieu students. Roger attended at the early morning start and was timekeeper and Eileen subsequently attended at a Beaulieu assembly to receive the cheque.
Out of the blue Roger received a cheque for the branch for £130, this being from St. Aubin Methodist Church and representing half the proceeds of a concert featuring Les Conteurs Singers.
Some months ago Marian and Roger were contacted by Mrs Nicola Bennett, who together with her husband Andrew and a group of people with classic motor cycles were planning to undertake a 1300 mile sponsored ride around the cardinal points of England, starting from Taunton in Somerset and visiting far flung destinations such as Lands End and Berwick-on-Tweed and Carlisle. Nicola and Andrew were riding a 1952 Triumph Trophy and the group were very unlucky with the weather as it rained almost the entire time they were away. They were escorted around with a vehicle with a trailer and spare parts, which was as well as one of the machines did break down. Hotels and Guest Houses had been pre-booked with expected arrival times of 6 - 7 p.m. but in the event the riders usually reached their destinations wet, hungry and saddle sore by about 11 p.m. When Nicola returned to work her colleagues asked her if she had had a nice holiday, which added insult to injury, or at least sore nether regions! Roger wrote an article about the event, which was published in the J.E.P. and the branch received a cheque for £650.
Next meeting
Our next meeting will be held at Communicare as usual and will be on Tuesday 24th September at 8 p.m. Our speaker will be Nigel Gates who will tell us about his theatrical experiences as a pantomime dame and he will be accompanied by his dresser and will be modelling one of his elaborate dresses. Hopefully Nigel will also find time to talk to us about his Battle of Flowers exhibits, for which he has won awards. You may recall that Nigel was due to talk to us in May but he was then engrossed in work for the Battle of Flowers and he overlooked our meeting. When Roger contacted him after the meeting he was mortified and promised to be available whenever we needed a speaker after the Battle of Flowers. We expect his talk to be really interesting and entertaining, so why not come along?
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