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Last Meeting
We last met on the 27th July, which seems a long time ago, when we welcomed Richard Adams, the Manager at Samares Manor, as our speaker. He was wonderful. Richard spoke of the history of the family who own Samares Manor, but moreso about the development of the business over the last 20 years, trying to attract more visitors each year without getting too commercialised. His relaxed manner and enthusiasm for his job made for a very interesting talk.
Sale of portable colour T.V. £25.00
16.7.04 Bingo Night/Devils Hole
50 supporters raised £70.40
Sale of Parkinson's CDs £7.00
27.7.04 Smartie Appeal
Donation received £14.40
27.7.04 Raffle/Communicare
Members purchased tickets totalling £21.00
Card sales for July 2004 £137.51
Sale of Parkinson's CDs £26.50
6.8.04 Bingo Night/Devils Hole
50 supporters raised £71.10
20.8.04 Bingo Night/Devils Hole
59 supporters raised £139.20
23.8.04 Smartie Appeal Donation received £14.20
3.9.04 Bingo Night/Devils Hole
53 supporters raised £91.35
Total £617.66
On behalf of the society, we say many congratulations to Alaisdair and Sara Crosby on the birth of their son in August. Alaisdair's father, Bing, was a sufferer and Alaisdair continues to support the branch.
Good Luck!
We wish Lynda Roberts "good running" on the 26th when she takes part in the Great North Run. £1467 has been raised so far in sponsorship, and if any of you still have money which you have collected, now is the time to send it in please.
Thank you very much!
The Jersey Croquet Club raised £205 for us in their Golf Croquet event held in June and Mrs Bowker raised £300 at two whist drives she organised in July. We are always grateful when "outsiders" recognise our committees efforts in raising funds to help you, our sufferers.
Fire Officer
In June, the warden at Communicare, brought to our attention fire safety regulations and reminded us that should the fire alarm go off, we were not to assume that it was a false alarm.
To comply with the above, Maureen Le Feuvre is our Fire Officer at our gatherings and a register has been made. When attending at Communicare could you please make yourself known to Maureen, and should a fire drill be necessary report to her at the fire assembly point outside the building.
Monthly Meetings
We would like to see more of you at our meetings. Would it help if we started at 7.30 p.m. instead of at 8. 00 p.m. or would you prefer afternoon meetings? If you have any suggestions Eileen and the committee would like to hear from you.
Brain Donation - That Vital Gift
It is some eighteen months since Geoff and Pam Turner went public during Parkinson's Awareness Week 2003 saying that they had registered with the Parkinson's Brain Bank for the donation of their brains.. Since then, a few of you have also taken that special step and a few more have shown an interest. At that time Geoff and Pam said that they felt that there was no better gift that could be made in an effort to help towards 'Finding a Cure'. From time to time we have all said "if only they could find a cure" and it would be such a positive step if more of you could play your part in this. At the point of death our body will become an empty shell which, after a few days, will be either buried or burned. Does it not make sense to donate that very vital part - The Brain - to enable research to continue in the hope that we - yes! maybe one of us - through our donation may just play our part in finding that very special cure. It is true that our donation will do nothing to help the donor but it might go a long way to help others in the future, sparing them the problems that we have all experienced. Some people have said that they would not want their body to be mutilated after death but we should remember that should any one of us die suddenly and without apparent cause, then a post mortem could be called for and the relatives of that person would have not choice in the matter. The process of donation is very simple and registering that donation will in no way bring about premature death; neither will it create problems for those left behind. So please give this some serious thought and if you would like more information you can contact Pam on Tel: 732710

Has Your Fridge got the Message
This scheme was introduced by Soroptimist International of Jersey, whereby you keep a list of your medication and times they are due in a small cylinder in your fridge together with a sticker inside your front door advising the emergency services should they be called, that you have medication to take regularly. Contact Pam Turner on 732710 for further information.
Dao Yin Revamped
When Dao Yin classes started over five years ago, Tina Borfiga taught us a routine of exercises including stepping which lasted about 12 minutes, focusing on balance and various pressure points to help the flow of energy. Now the programme has changed completely. All exercises are now seated, Tina has adapted the original set we learned to suit sufferers abilities at present. Deep breathing is important as well as relaxation. We meet on a Monday afternoon at 3.15 p.m. at Georgetown Methodist Church Hall. Why not come along and watch? We always end up with a cup of tea and a natter.
Sovereign Shop Rider for Sale
The above motorised scooter, Model S888NR, was purchased by Irene Vautier, who unfortunately hasn't the confidence to use it on the busy roads at Quennevais. It has only had about two hours use. Purchased at £1,599, this machine is being offered for sale at the bargain price of £1,000. Phone 742077 for further details.
Coffee Morning & Christmas Card Sale
Over the last decade we have been very fortunate and grateful to hold this event, originally at Pat Le Herissier's home and in the last few years at Margaret Baker's home. Due to the success and growth of this fundraiser, this year we will be holding it at St. Andrew's Church Hall on Saturday 30th October, 2004. We will be having a variety of stalls, bric-a-brac, books, toys and games, videos etc. and need donations of cakes, groceries and toiletries. Please phone Eileen on 737128 if you have items for these stalls, or are willing to bake cakes. Please find enclosed invitations for you to distribute to family and friends closer to the time.
Christmas Catalogues
A copy of the Webb Ivory/Miller Catalogue has been delivered with your newsletter and Eileen would be grateful if you could try and get orders for cards and gifts. For every £1 purchased Parkinson’s receives about 40p.
Social Get-Togethers
The Tenerfest season will be upon us during October and November. Eileen is willing to organise and book lunches and suppers for those of you who would enjoy meals out and the company of fellow members. Dates, times and venues will be governed by the adverts in the JEP. Please contact Eileen on 737128, if interested. Please note these meals will not be paid for by the society.
Diary Dates
Fri 1st October 2004 8 p.m Bingo Night at Devil's Hole.
Fri 15th October 2004 8 p.m Bingo Night at Devil's Hole.
Next meeting
We will meet as usual at Communicare on Tuesday October 28th, 2004 at 8 p.m. Our speaker will be Sandra Hubert, Senior Occupational Therapist, from Neurocare. Sandra attended a course about Parkinson’s in July organised by Head Office, and she will be talking to us about it

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