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Last Meetings
Our summer outing to the Amaizin Maze was a very enjoyable one. We took part in the scavenger hunt through a small maze, and attempted the written puzzles and quiz, had fun with the crazy golf and enjoyed the tea and biscuits as well. Fish and chips at Devil's Hole rounded off a very relaxing time together.
Our afternoon meeting at Overdale was very well attended when Tina Borfiga spoke about the benefits of Dao Yin exercise especially in Parkinsonism and psychologically it can heighten alertness, combat insomnia, increase self confidence and help alleviate depression. Sylvia Briault, a teacher of the metamorphic technique, then gave an in depth talk about the intriguing, fascinating and positive approach to self help that this kind of gentle massage of the feet, hands and head gives. Sylvia and Amy Patterson then worked with sufferers and several carers were given tuition. It was a very rewarding afternoon, with much discussion afterwards. Tea and biscuits followed.
Fundraising continues at a steady pace, the following monies being raised:-
12.8.06 St. Clement's Sports Club Fete
Card sales totalled £78.05
Thank you to those who manned the stall
18.8.06 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
59 supporters raised £132.05
27.7.06 Car Boot/St. Lawrence Church
Sale of goods £61.70
Thank you to Margaret Baker for her donation towards the cost of the pitch.
Stamp sales for August 2006 totalled £12.64
Card sales for August 2006 totalled £21.70
Donations via collecting boxes for August 2006 amounted to £611.02
1.9.06 Bingo Night/Devil's Hole
61 supporters raised £153.25
2.9.06 Car Boot/Headway
Sale of goods £42.15
4.9.06 Raffle/Beetledrive
Players purchased tickets totalling £28.00
New Address
As from the 27th September, the Neurocare clinic will be located in the Westmount Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre.
Access will be via the revolving doors at Reception 1. Their telephone number remains 623077.
Exercise Bike
A Mrs Baudains is willing to donate an exercise bike to any sufferer who feels they would like to keep their leg muscles toned and help their mobility for as long as possible, and can be contacted by telephone on 855996.
Paper Shredder
A Mrs Reynel has a home paper shredder for sale. For details she can be contacted by telephone on 727275.
Coffee Morning
Our annual coffee morning and Christmas card sale takes place at St. Matthew's Glass Church Hall, Millbrook on Saturday, October 14th 2006 between 10 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. We will be having a raffle, cake stall, grocery stall, new and nearly new stall as well as Christmas and birthday cards. Help is needed for all the stalls. If you can donate items for the stalls or give of your time please contact Eileen on 737128, Pam Turner on 732710 for raffle prizes or June Tredant on 861744 for cakes.
Webb Ivory Catalogue
The Christmas catalogue is now available and many of you will have one delivered with your newsletter.
If you would like a catalogue or require any goods, please phone your order through to Eileen on 737128. For every £1 you spend, our branch receives 421/2 pence approximately.
Foreign Coins
Do any of you have old or foreign coins in a drawer that you do not know what to do with? If so, would you like to donate them to Parkinson's?
Please contact Roger Marriott on 731145 who has a collector he can sell them to. Thank yo
 Diary Dates
Friday September 15th 2006 8 p.m. Bingo Night/
Devil's Hole
Friday October 6th 2006 8 p.m. Bingo Night/
Devil's Hole
Saturday October 14th 2006 8 p.m. Bingo Supper/
Devil's Hole
Collecting Boxes
You will have noticed from the fundraising details what a magnificent amount was collected during August. All we have to do is to go round to various outlets changing their boxes on a regular basis. Please contact June Tredant on 861744 if you have any ideas regarding new placements.
Metamorphic Massage
We will be learning more about and practising this massage after our Dao Yin sessions on a Monday afternoon at 4 p.m. in the Resources Room at Overdale. Everyone is welcome to come along.
If anyone would like to arrange an appointment with Amy Patterson privately she can be contacted on 735714.
Dao Yin
Our sessions continue on a Monday afternoon at 3 p.m. in the Resources Room at Overdale. Everyone is welcome. We cannot emphasise enough that if you do some form of exercise now, you will maintain a level of mobility for several years to come!
A group of sufferers and carers meets at the Cheshire Homes Pool on a Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. for an hour. It is fun!! It is an opportunity to share your problems with others and splash around in warm water as well.
Taxi Service
Our branch uses Luxicabs for sufferers medical appointments.
The branch funds all of the above, for details please contact Eileen Smith on 737128.
Social Get-Togethers
Jack Schofield is organising a bowls session on Tuesday 10th October 2006 at Jersey Bowl, St. Peter at 12 noon followed by lunch at the Auction Room Cafe, Haute Tombette, St. Mary at 1.30 p.m. Sufferers and carers will be asked to contribute £2.00 towards branch running costs and paying supporters are welcome to join us. Please contact Jack on 738328 by Monday 2nd October 2006, thank you. Transport can be arranged.
Next meetings
We next meet at Communicare, St. Brelade, on Tuesday September 26th 2006 at 8 p.m when our speaker will be Graham Taylor who is a Bowen Technique practitioner.
A Bowen Technique treatment affects the body in ways which promote healing, pain relief and recovery of energy. Whilst not a massage, it is gentle, subtle and relaxing. A treatment lasts approximately 45 minutes and most of the work can be performed through light clothing. The practitioner uses thumbs and fingers on precise points of the body to make rolling type moves which aim to disturb the muscles, soft tissue and energy within the body. During the treatment there are periods in which the client is left resting to allow the body to absorb the gentle moves that have been performed. This gives the body time to make the subtle and fine adjustments which help to relieve tension, reduce pain and initiate the healing process.
Everyone is very welcome to come along. We will have our usual raffle and refreshments will be served afterwards.
Our afternoon meeting is on Thursday 28th September 2006 in the Resources Room at Overdale at 2 p.m.
We are going to be entertained by the Caesarean Hand Bellringers. For those of us who have heard them playing before, we know what a magical afternoon is in store, for those of you who haven't, please do come along to enjoy this unique sound from bells. A varied programme of music is guaranteed. We will have our usual raffle and refreshments will be served
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