he prices of our puzzles vary, depending on complexity, from £40 to £1200.
As an indicator, a 'standard' puzzle measuring 10" x 8" with about 120 pieces (including 12-15 personalised 'special' pieces) will cost about £95.00. A larger puzzle (14" x 10") with about 200 pieces (including 20 'specials') will cost about £160.00.
Dialogue puzzles, framed puzzles and triple deckers are more expensive. For prices for particular sizes and formats: .
We also have a few puzzles available for immediate sale.
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If you've tried the buttons on the right and our exhibitions section here's yet another type:- Puzzles without a conventional rectangular border:
Three parrots
Size: 23" x 17"
Number of pieces: 287
Special features: 53 special shapes including a 7-piece train, clouds of butterflies and the 4 suits of cards.

Click the picture for a closer look:
"Thanks for the car"
Size: 32" x 12"
Number of pieces: 220
Special features: Made as a thank you for the gift of a car. Includes numerous 'cars' and THANKS FOR THE CAR.

Click the picture for a closer look:
Pears soap
Size: 21" x 17"
Number of pieces: 269
Special features: An astonishing 60 special shapes.

Click the picture for a closer look:
There are several other examples in our exhibitions section here or try the buttons on the right

Framed puzzles available from stock (Email at bottom of page)

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