he majority of our puzzles are 'standard' in that they are supplied in a solid box with a detailed label (click the picture for a full-size view).

In keeping with tradition we do not normally supply a guide picture - but following customer feedback we can include a guide picture in a wax-sealed envelope. Many customers take great pride in knowing they haven't had to break the seal!

We also like to make a number of variants (click any picture for a closer view):

Framed puzzles
Our framed puzzles are supplied in a recessed frame. We can supply an outer frame so that the puzzle can be hung like a picture.

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Dialogue puzzles
Our dialogue puzzles include speech balloons (chosen by you). We also include a spare set of 'blanks' for filling in yourself later.

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Double and triple deckers
We can cut double and triple deckers provided the picture lends itself to this treatment.

Click the picture for a closer view.

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Getting in touch
You can email us using the link at the bottom of the page.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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