Remi is now residing in his native Island of Jersey after gaining experience in the design and making of fine furniture in New Zealand. His works are strongly influenced by the forces of nature that have shaped the Island's shores and the environment surrounding our everyday lives.

His design concepts have developed from the classic appreciation of fine furniture, to a point in the 1980's where he ventured to explore new styles which brought a simplistic approach to his designs. Remi daringly treads the line between light, flexibility and structural strength, knowing the qualities of the materials he has chosen. In his quest for a unique style of furniture he has concentrated his attention on the wild and untamed elements of the landscape.

Remi derives his inspiration not only from the wonders of nature, but from man's structures within the landscape. Remi is a man of boundless enthusiasm for what he is doing, and all those who come to know him will surely appreciate his heartfelt desire to inspire and educate others in the field of fine furniture.