Wild Palms

Installation work demands the artist's response to a specific site not only in terms of design but also of structure. The images on this page are taken from WILD PALMS.

Conceived for VISIONFEST, this was created for Liverpool's huge, glassless, Victorian Palm House in Sefton Park. The fabric, attached to a dozen 4 metre lengths of high tensile steel rods, enabled the pieces to bend and sway gently in the wind.

The key feature influencing the concept of this installation, the graceful arch of the palm frond itself, reflected in the curved steel construction of the Palm House. The design, therefore, not only echoed the form of the palms themselves but also the steel construction that housed them.

The project was further designed to display the qualities of the medium in an outdoor setting incorporating the changing effects of light through the fabric and the movement of the steel spined structures in the wind.

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