Each of these screens contains a large piece of original art work. They were designed to maximise the impact of light, even ambient light, through the work.

The finished structure is rigid, sturdy and safe, providing a long lasting investment. Prices start at 1000.

The result is not merely a functional item of furniture containing commissioned art, but an item that creates a powerful statement whether in the home, boardroom or office.


Technical details

The screens on this page are all full sized room screens. They are made up of 3 panels approximately 1.75m high by 55m wide.

Screens can be made up of more than 3 panels and can be smaller or larger, as siting requires.

Once the art work has been produced, the screen is constructed by professional joiners. The commissioned fabric is stretched between sheets of clear extruded acrylic which protects it from dust, physical damage and sunlight.

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