Coastal Walks

This Island is only 8,000 years old. Coastline, to rock formations are second to none with views of the French Normandy coast line. You can view a short Jersey Tourism video of one of my coastal walks.


Green, 'Green Lanes'
Outstanding views of France,and the other Channel Islands from the North coast, the "Green Lanes" of St. Mary's and St. Peter's Valley.
4.5 hours. 6 miles. A medium walk, with a small amount of climb walking.
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Le Mourier


Lighter shades of Green
Spectacular views of the East coast.With the northern reef of "Les Ecrehous", and Normandie coast.
3 hours. 5 miles. This is a moderate walk.
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Rozel Valley Gardens


A Royal walk in a Royal Parish
The "Friendliest and Floweriest Parish".
3.5 hours. 5 miles. Walking on sandy beach at times (medium).
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Gorey Castle, sunset.


Bonne Nuit and return!
Priories, pirates, fishing and coastal views.
3.5 hours. 5 miles. A moderate to Hard with steep walk on hill climb, and Coastal paths.
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Inner Country Lanes


Hidden Gardens of Rozel
Hidden gardens in this area, with views of fabulous Rozel bay. Including Rozel Manor grounds only.
3.5 hours. 6 miles. This is a moderate walk with hills.
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Jersey flora


South West Central
We stop for a lunch at a recommended Cafe or restaurant, along this walk.
7.5 hours. 14 miles. Long day's walking, at a moderate pace.
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Vermont Organic Farm Sign


Passage through time (South West)
St. Brelade's to St. Aubin’s Harbour, crossing Ouaisne bay then up to Portelet common.
3.5 hours. 4 miles. Moderate
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Quaisne and Portelet Headlands


Sorel Point returning via Mourier Valley
Rugged coastline of high cliffs, granite that is the colour of “Rose- Red”. With the sea that forever carves away at this hard granite on our Northerly point.
3 hours. 3.5 miles. Easy
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North coast


Gourmet Walk - North
A coastal walk with lunch at the Water's Edge Hotel, Bouley Bay. This walk visits Jersey's largest dairy farm.
7.5 hours. 9 miles. Moderate
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Liquid Sunshine, with Remi.


Gourmet Walk - East
Eastern small bays, up and down the "Green Lanes" leading to Rozel Manor. Views of Normandy French Coast.
7 hours. 7.5 miles. Moderate
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Gourmet Walk - West
Coastal Northerly paths, with combination of St.Mary's Green Lanes. Enter the Manor Grounds of the oldest Jersey family in St.Ouen's.
9 hours. 16 miles. Moderate with long distances.
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Rozel Valley Gardens


St. Aubin Hidden Treasures and Heritage
A walk of time and tides, across a bay, through woods and a tunnel to castles, forts and sea captain's houses.
3.5 hours. 3 miles. Moderate with hill climb, and walking on wet sand, when visiting St. Aubin. Fort.
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