Heritage Walks


Green, 'Green Lanes'
Outstanding views of France,and the other Channel Islands from the North coast, the "Green Lanes" of St. Mary's and St. Peter's Valley.
4.5 hours. 6 miles. A medium walk, with a small amount of climb walking.
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L'lle Agois


Rural Lanes and Old Jersey Dwellings
St. Peter's Valley area, with private houses and gardens.
3 hours. 5 miles. This is a medium walk.
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Le Moulin de Quetivel


A Royal walk in a Royal Parish
The "Friendliest and Floweriest Parish".
3.5 hours. 5 miles. Walking on sandy beach at times (medium).
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At Gorey


Hidden Gardens of Rozel
Hidden gardens in this area, with views of fabulous Rozel bay. Including Rozel Manor grounds only.
3.5 hours. 6 miles. This is a moderate walk with hills.
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Rozel Valley Gardens


Passage through time (South West)
St. Brelade's to St. Aubin’s Harbour, crossing Ouaisne bay then up to Portelet common.
3.5 hours. 4 miles. Moderate
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Cod House


Colours of our Landscape
Easy walking;- Aimed for children, who bring along their grown ups to help carry the �Goodies�.
3 hours. 3.5 miles. Easy walking:- Aimed for children.
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Secret hidden pleasures,


Sorel Point returning via Mourier Valley
Rugged coastline of high cliffs, granite that is the colour of “Rose- Red”. With the sea that forever carves away at this hard granite on our Northerly point.
3 hours. 3.5 miles. Easy
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Historical agriculture artifacts.


Stepping back in time
Through valleys, passing many traditional Jersey granite homes, plus the Paleolithic Site of La Hougue Bie.
7 hours. 11 miles. Moderate. Terrain: Some very steep hills both up and down. Last 2 miles fairly flat.
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Colours across St. Aubin Bay.


Round in circles from Les Charrieres Hotel, St. Peter's
"Green Lanes", that lead us to granite dwellings, private properties with their gardens, and German fortifications.
3.5 hours. 7.5 miles. Medium to moderate, as some hills.
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Ponterin Farm house St. Saviour


Unspoilt St. Mary's Parish: Scholars, Noblemen and Legends
Enjoy a a walk through bygone Jersey.
2:45 hours. 5 miles. Moderate
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Liquid Sunshine, with Remi.


Rozel Hidden Surprises
A walk of discovery, from the work of pioneers and artists to dolmen and an ancient manor house.
3.5 hours. 4 miles. Moderate walk with hills.
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Talk time, together


St. Aubin Hidden Treasures and Heritage
A walk of time and tides, across a bay, through woods and a tunnel to castles, forts and sea captain's houses.
3.5 hours. 3 miles. Moderate with hill climb, and walking on wet sand, when visiting St. Aubin. Fort.
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No photos available


St Catherine the Beautiful
A walk through the beautiful east of the island.
3 hours. 5 miles. Moderate. If so wished, the return journey from St. Catherine’s Pier can be taken by public bus.
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Fliquet Bay, St. Martin


St Aubin Reflections
Enjoy the reflections in the water of St Aubin's rich heritage in this walk around a historic corner of the south of the island.
2.5 hours. 3 miles. Moderate.
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St Aubin's Fort